The patient swollen legs with diabetes mellitus

Patients suffering from diabetes haveelevated blood sugar, resulting in various complications. One of the most common complications of diabetes is leg injury. There are swelling of the feet with diabetes and a number of other dangerous complications.

The defeat of the legs with diabetes occurs due to damage to the peripheral vessels and diabetic neuropathy.

Diabetic neuropathy occurs with prolongedabsence of treatment of diabetes mellitus, as a result of which nerve endings on the legs and hands are damaged. As a result of the defeat of nerves, a person ceases to feel a decrease and a rise in temperature of the legs, does not react to pain. This complication was defined as "sensory diabetic neuropathy." This complication often leads to infections on the legs. The muscles of the legs themselves, as a result of the defeat of the nerve endings, begin to function incorrectly. Ulcers on the feet heal with great difficulty, often there are inflammations.

The defeat of peripheral vessels occurs inthe result of changes in foot blood flow. First of all, the so-called peripheral vessels, located at a distance from the heart, suffer. Poor blood flow contributes to the development of infections. The risk of gangrene formation is great. Often there are swelling of the feet in diabetes mellitus.

Complications of diabetes mellitus

Legs are a problematic place even fora healthy person, which is already talking about patients with such a serious illness as diabetes. With this disease, numerous complications are noted that can lead to limb amputation.

Under mycosis is understood fungus, deliveringsignificant trouble for the patient. Skin on legs crack, reddens, itching appears. Through the cracks under the skin penetrate the microbes, causing a variety of inflammation. Treat mycosis with special medicines that kill fungi. It can be a cream or a pill.

Nails, affected by a fungus, change their color andbecome yellowish-brown in color. Nails become brittle, soft and thick. In a number of cases, their exfoliation is noted. Fungus usually develops in warm, moist conditions. Quite often a fungal infection appears at the site of nail damage. Despite the apparent simplicity, it is quite difficult to cure the fungus. Today, there are numerous medicines that are applied to the site of the lesion. However, such remedies are effective only in weak foci of inflammation. In severe lesions, special pills are used. In some cases, the affected nails must be removed.

Corns are hard formations on the skin. As a rule, corns appear on the soles of the feet due to uneven weight distribution along the foot. The appearance of calluses can be caused by diseases of the skin and uncomfortable shoes. Small calluses do not pose a great danger, and with proper treatment they are quickly cured. Prevention of the appearance of calluses is pumice after bath. With the help of pumice stone it is also possible to remove already existing small calluses. It is also recommended to use special orthopedic insoles and various means for softening shoes. It should be remembered that it is strictly forbidden to open callouses with the help of sharp objects.

In those cases, if the shoe strongly rubs his foot,Bubbles may appear that become infected and filled with liquid. The appearance of such bubbles can be caused by tight shoes, or by wearing shoes without socks. When treating blisters, you must be very careful, as they can be easily damaged, which can lead to infection and the appearance of purulent inflammation. Special antibacterial agents are used for treatment.

Bursits on the thumb

If the thumb on the foot goes behind the second,may cause such an unpleasant disease as bursitis. It is established that this is a hereditary disease caused by an incorrect arrangement of the toes. Also bursitis can occur when wearing tight shoes with high heels. Such shoes strongly presses on the thumb, which begins to take the wrong position in the shoes. For treatment and prevention, a special device is used to separate these two fingers. In extreme cases, surgical intervention is required, which allows you to eliminate pain, and position your finger correctly.

On the feet, deep enoughWounds, which are subsequently transformed into ulcers. In the wounds are settled pathogenic microorganisms, which lead to inflammatory and infectious infections. To lead to the formation of ulcers can also combing non-healing wounds or wearing tight shoes. It is extremely important to treat such diseases at their early stage. For treatment, you need to see a doctor who will prescribe an effective treatment.

No site will diagnose you and prescribe the right treatment. Seek medical help from a doctor!
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