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Many people are faced with swelling of the throat, withThis is addressed to the hospital because of the so-called swollen throat, which can be accompanied by heavy breathing. It should be noted that this in itself is not a disease, but only its manifestation, therefore, with symptomatic treatment, it is first of all necessary to search for the cause of an agitated puffiness.

Throat swelling and its causes

As has been previously established edema thiseffect, not the cause. The swelling volume or concentration of pain in one place depends on the structure of the submucosal layer. The causes of the swelling of the throat may be different, for example, they can include:

  • inflammatory processes inside the body that provoke throat diseases
  • diseases such as angina, influenza and other
  • various allergic manifestations
  • burns mucous, due to thermal or chemical effects
  • edema arising subsequently in radiotherapy, as well as exposure to X-rays
  • swelling of the throat as a consequence of damage to the kidneys, liver, and heart failure
  • getting into the throat of a foreign body

All the reasons can be established only by a doctor,because they can be both inflammatory and non-inflammatory, and the degree of puffiness is established with the help of laryngoscopy. With mucosal edema, the inflammatory process has a manifestation in the narrowing of the vocal cords, and the nadgornik looks like a thickened cylinder, while an inflammatory process is accompanied by a lack of blood flow to the tissues. It is important to identify this factor, as it will help to correctly diagnose the disease and quickly bring to a normal state of shortness of breath.

Symptomatic manifestations of "swelling of the throat"

With any disease of the throat, the first symptom is pain of varying intensity.
Even one can observe the changethe color of the throat, edema of the tonsils and their redness. The next accompanying symptom is pain when swallowing, a change in the voice, or even its loss, as well as changes in breathing, becomes more difficult. When the epiglottis is swollen, a feeling of foreign body presence appears in the throat. If you have a manifestation of these signs that are accompanied by heavy breathing, do not self-medicate, as sometimes this results in death from asphyxiation.

Assist in swelling of the throat

To remove swelling as a consequence of inflammatorythe process must drink an antihistamine, then try to swallow a small piece of ice, if possible and the state is not so critical to use mustard plasters or to get your feet stuck.
If the throat is swollen due to allergic reactions, you need to call an ambulance, and before her arrival, drink an antihistamine, if very severe swelling, then put the pillow under the tongue.
In case of burn reactions, the throat is washed with water for lack of neutralizing substances and hospitalization.
Also, swelling can be caused by contact withthe throat of a foreign body, in this case you need help to get the suffocating subject from the victim, using the girth behind and sharp pushes the fists above the navel before the ambulance arrives otherwise the person may just suffocate.
In all cases of swelling of the throat, due to edema, it is necessary to seek qualified help in order to avoid a fatal outcome.

In the morning there was a lump in my throat, and now I feel likethe throat swells inside. It does not hurt, it does not hurt to swallow, but it feels like the throat is going to come out right now. soft, friable. A terrible discomfort from swollen throat. Somehow scary.
What to do, where to run? What could it be?
Maybe it's allergic to pollen - everything is blooming now.