After the removal of the uterus, the legs swell

Climax and uterine removal (hysterectomy)

Surgery to remove the uterus (hysterectomy)is one of the most common gynecological operations that has been performed for more than a decade. It is produced in the case when all other available methods are ineffective, it is often a question of saving a woman's life. In some cases during this operation, in addition to the uterus, the fallopian tubes and ovaries (ovariectomy) are also removed.

Removing the uterus is a difficult decision, and whateverthere were indications for this operation, for sure there is no woman who, without hesitation and an internal "chill," would have decided on such a radical surgical intervention. In addition to the physical discomfort and pain that inevitably arise after any surgical intervention of this size, 7 out of 10 women experience a variety of fears, feelings of confusion and inferiority after hysterectomy, and many feel emotionally depressed. What is the operation for the removal of the uterus, what are the indications for its conduct, and how to live a full life after the surgery, let's talk in this article.

Indications for hysterectomy are the following:
• Malignant tumor (cancer) of the body or cervix
• Endometriosis or adenomyosis (with ineffectiveness of other treatments, in the case of prolonged heavy bleeding)
• Benign uterine tumor (fibromyoma) in perimenopause or menopause
• Loss or marked omission of the uterus
• Constant pelvic pain caused by uterine pathology

Previously, during the operation was used socalled abdominal access, that is, a cut in the anterior abdominal wall. Fortunately, such access today is practically not applied, more and more often the operation is performed laparascopically (through small incisions on the skin of the abdomen) or with access through the vagina (all the sutures remain inside the vagina and are not noticeable at all).

When performing surgery to remove the uterus, the amount of surgical intervention can be different.
• When performing amputation of the uterus (the so-called subtotal or supra-vaginal hysterectomy), the woman retains the cervix
• With total (total) hysterectomy, removal of the uterus and appendages (ovaries and fallopian tubes)
• In radical hysterectomy, along with the uterus, its cervix, epididymis, uterine pelvic floor and lymph nodes, and the upper third of the vagina are removed

The decision on the method and scope of the operation (what accesschoose whether to keep the cervix) is taken by the attending physician, taking into account the characteristics of the patient's illness. So, laparotomical (with a cut on the anterior abdominal wall) access is used if the uterus is enlarged, there are large fibroids, pronounced adhesions, uterine cancer or endometriosis. More sparing methods of performing the operation (vaginal or laparoscopic) help reduce the recovery time after surgery. In the presence of a healthy cervix, it is in most cases retained, it helps to preserve the ligamentous apparatus of the uterus, reduces the number of side effects (postoperative urinary incontinence), and also reduces the likelihood of appearance and severity of sexual disorders after surgery.

After the removal of the uterus in women there is a number ofissues related to health, appearance, sexual relations and quality of life after the operation as a whole. Consider the possible consequences of performing a hysterectomy in chronological order, that is, as they arise.

At first, after removal of the uterus,there is a painful feeling associated with poor healing of the joints after the operation or with the formation of adhesions, as well as bleeding. The recovery period after the operation can be prolonged due to the development of complications (pronounced urination disorder, fever, deep vein thrombosis of the lower leg, heavy bleeding, suppuration of sutures, etc.).

In case of total hysterectomythe location of the pelvic organs changes significantly, which can adversely affect the work of the bladder and intestines. Since the ligaments are removed, the pelvic floor muscles often weaken and can not support the vagina to the necessary degree. To prevent possible consequences (omission and loss) for women after removal of the uterus, it is necessary to perform Kegel exercises. aimed at strengthening the pelvic floor.

Many women after removal of the uterus beginexperience symptoms of menopause. Since the removal of the uterus leads to a violation of the blood supply in the ovaries, this affects their work: it is established that even in the case of preservation of the ovaries, menopause in women who undergo a hysterectomy occurs several years earlier than it would have come without surgery. If a total hysterectomy was performed, a condition called a surgical menopause develops, including emotional disorders (depression, anxiety), hot flashes, cardiovascular abnormalities, osteoporosis. To prevent the onset of surgical menopause and mitigate the negative symptoms associated with hormone deficiency, all women after removal of the uterus should use hormone replacement therapy with preparations containing estrogens (in the form of tablets, plaster or gel) or a combination of estrogens with gestagens. The intake of hormonal drugs should be started 1-2 months after the operation.

Women with a deleted uterus are in the grouprisk of developing atherosclerosis of vessels and osteoporosis. To prevent the development of these pathologies, it is necessary to start taking the appropriate drugs just a few months after the operation. To avoid fast weight gain, it is recommended to follow a diet with limited calories and reduced fat and digestible carbohydrates, as well as regular exercise (gymnastics, swimming pool).

Contrary to popular belief, sex lifeafter hysterectomy does not end: after the body is fully restored, a woman can live a full sexual life. If a part of the vagina was removed during the operation, a woman may experience painful sensations during sex. A significant problem is the psychological consequences of the removal of the uterus. In some women who have undergone surgery, against a background of depressive disorders, there is a significant decrease in sexual desire and they completely lose interest in sex. Some women, on the contrary, note the increased sexual desire and the improvement of the quality of sexual life. Use contraceptives after a hysterectomy is not necessary, because as a result of the operation, a woman for ever loses the ability to become pregnant and endure a child.

Aiyia (id: 26248) July 12, 2015, 09:30

Hello, I removed the body of the uterus in 19years, immediately after childbirth. Now my son is 20 years old. What I want to say is, I want to say thank you for having done this operation, my life before and after this is heaven and earth. You do not need to groom and cherish your sores, these are SANDS that prevent us from living.
Of course I really wanted and want a baby, but II have something to compensate for, I have two wonderful nieces to which I give my love, and God will give, the son of grandchildren narozhaet, I'll be a mad grandmother listening to rock music. Girl girl women, once again I write, on pipykinic diseases life does not end, but only begins, dial you are overweight or not depends only on yourself, whether you will shine the sun or theolko clouds in the sky will also only depend on you.
And two more of the greatest pluses after removing the uterus is FINALLY, there are NO MONTHS AND GASKETS! And you are sure that there will be no unwanted pregnancy.
My darlings do not hang your noses, everything will be fine.
More optimism

Galin (id: 23893) September 29, 2014, 12:57

I write, maybe someone will come in handy for mycomment, it helped me before the operation. I'm 42 years old. I have a daughter, I wanted a second child. Three miscarriages in three years at a time of 9-10 weeks. Myoma, which I found, was small, and as the doctor told me, she does not interfere with pregnancy, but apparently interfered. True, apart from myoma, there were other problems. A year ago, bleeding started: monthly went for a month, turned to the doctor, drank hormones, varicose veins began, legs swelled horribly, burned simply with fire. The doctor who made me an ultrasound of the lower limbs, said: -Want to live, no hormones. In addition, I submitted an analysis to hormones that show how many ova left in the ovaries. The level was minimal, that is, I had a climax. And this is 42 years old! I quit my job because I had a lot of sores on my nerves, I drank 6 tablets in the morning (for the stomach, gynecological, soothing, etc.) The onset of menopause was the last straw. After my dismissal, I recovered, my nerves calmed down and health has improved. For a whole year I did not drink any pills. But everything started again. During the month, monthly came 3 times. The doctor sent me to the hospital, I was scraped and after it I got a verdict: I need to remove the uterus. The head of the department said: -If, of course, you want to give birth, then you can only remove myoma. But this is a completely different operation. To the husband do not speak. I said, I have a wonderful, adequate husband, understood everything and supported. I was operated on to remove the uterus through the vagina. Before the operation you need to buy in the orthopedic salon compression stockings. Anesthesia is spinal, legs are cut off, and the head thinks. But then they still made an injection, my head also turned off. As I understood from the conversation of the medical staff before the operation, such an operation takes an average of 1.5 hours. My operation lasted three hours! Myoma was very large: the size of two fists! After the operation I felt good, only in the first days I was wearing a bandage, it was easier for me. Though the doctor has told or said, that he is not necessary. Wrote in a week (it is official through two) It is necessary. of course, after the operation to adhere to a sparing supply: kashki, pjreshki, boiled meat, because even a hard apple can cause pain when it passes over the intestine past the sewn stump. After the operation, a month has passed, it's too early to talk about the results, but I will say positive things: I lost weight, I had swellings on my legs (the shoes became big), the sexual desire has not gone away. The ovaries were left to me and the cervix too. As long as I feel good.

Olga Crid (id: 20812) 11 February, 2014, 21:24

Hello, I have this question:
In 2000, when I was 22 years old, I was removed from the right tube, now I'm 36 years old, already a month and a half delay, and tests show that I'm not pregnant, can there come a climax?
I still have a problem with my back, a grin grip, for 7 years, I was treated a little, it became easier, but I did not go through the full course of treatment.
Recently, over the course of six months, I almost always lose consciousness in the heat in the cold.
I hope for your answer
With uv.Olga

Arina (id: 20223) January 18, 2014, 18:18

Good afternoon.I'm 35 years old, at 21 I had an operation to remove the uterus and ovaries. I did not take any medications. Now I began to worry about depression, sometimes I do not feel like living, it comes very unexpectedly. I want to know what medicines should be taken after this period.

Birch (id: 19956) January 07, 2014, 00:45

I was removed from the uterus and appendages to the right at the age of 27. To me now 45. Did or made small кесарево, т.к. was a pregnancy after sterilization (unsuccessfully bandaged the tubes, before this operation I had two cesareans). Children at that time were 4 years and 1.5 years old. Indications for surgery - the central placenta previa and the progressive placenta cyst. The operation was done at the term of pregnancy -6 and a half months. Doctors did not want to talk about the child I was wearing, because were afraid of uterine bleeding. At first they said that you can not have an abortion; with a central placenta previa, abortion is not done, and then, when a progressive cyst is found, it is necessary to interrupt pregnancy. I was told - think about your living children, they can remain orphans. Bleeding at me has opened during operation, me hardly have rescued. The bleeding was so severe - the pressure dropped 40 to 0. The problem was still with a blood transfusion - before the operation was laid in the hospital and the operation was postponed, called for donors - I have a 4 group of blood with negative rhesus.
After the operation, I lived and live a normal life. Children grew up, my husband never remembered and does not remember that I was removed from the uterus. I did not really think about it either. Once there was - studied in absentia, raised children, worked.
After this operation, life does not end, but continues. I always regretted and with pain I thought and think about the child I lost.
I wish everyone good health!

tanka_07.87. (id: 18797) 07-November-2013, 01:07

I was only 20 when, through the fault of doctors, all female organs were deleted, I really want children, my children. I hate these butchers who work in our hospital.

Svetlana (id: 16197) June 24, 2013, 20:38


a guest 09 December, 2012, 23:58

I was removed from the uterus after childbirth at 32 years,bleeding, besides the fourth cesarean. the cervix and the ovaries have left, now I'm worried that the climax will start earlier, and in one stanza it is written, the ovaries die out three and five years after the operation, in the other, that the climax comes 2 years earlier than it would have been without surgery, who knows for sure ?

a guest 05 November, 2012, 20:06

Hello! I had an operation to remove the uterus in August 12, everything went well and I feel good too. It hurts in places of incisions, who ever encountered this? And how about exercises for the press, etc. Who ever received any recommendations?

a guest 05-Nov-e-2012, 18:04

in July 2012, remove the uterus. The first months just flew. and then it began. now there is no patience .. High sweating and uncontrollable nerves. This nightmare can not be conveyed. Started on the advice of a doctor to drink angelik-whether the dosage is not suitable, or not at all-increased sweating, irritation disappeared. About a sexual life-all 1,5 on hospitals, have made not successfully. rstavili endometrium and constantly krovit-here and you run, whether monthly whether a cancer. in sex prposto concede.

marina (id: 7947) 13 September, 2012, 20:19

as my doctor said:-you are cool lucky that you stopped anesthesia on you. They were going to do the operation for me: they diagnosed the glandular-cystic hyperplasia of the endometrium, adenomyosis. They were scared by a rapid degeneration into oncology. And they almost had an operation, but for the joy or the trouble of two emergency ones they brought. they took it and canceled it for a month, and then my doctor went on vacation. Well, I probably broke my leg with joy, you know the classic case: I went to myself, I did not touch anyone. I slipped, woke up, closed the fracture. Well, as it should, gypsum. more interesting: because of immobilization the thromboembolism of the pulmonary artery occurred. It formed a thrombus in the leg and took and broke away, quickly reached the heart, and corked up my right lung. Again, it was fortunate that it happened right at the polyclinic, where I went to see a traumatologist on crutches prskakivala.vobschem die did not give, saved.the resuscitation in cardiology well, and the subsequent treatment. having gathered strength already on two legs, came to the gynecologist. you told me to come in September, so I came. and he even got scared and literally He does not know what to do with me-the operation to do the problem in that the blood is so diluted that the bleeding will not stop terribly. The hormone treatment is also impossible: the threat of thrombus formation and the relapse of the teloma (thromboembolism). This fork has turned out. I did the hyperplasia as was and remained. said dlat uzi every six months, observed.vot and vse.kupila in the pharmacy of the grass red brush and boron uterus, I brew and drink. I still poured them the same-I insist, I will also stand for two weeks, and what else remains for me. I want to know someone helped these herbs.

Sabina (id: 8748) 13 September, 2012, 20:30

Put the spiral into the world, ask your doctor. The grass. Too delicate to solve serious problems!

marina (id: 7947) 17 September, 2012, 10:59

because the hormone is hormonal, and I'm absolutely categorically impossible to take hormones. and put a spiral in postmenopause as if I do not know if I need an early menopause from 42 years old, now I'm 46.

a guest 05 November, 2012, 20:12

If you have bleeding on the background of menstruation, and withhyperplasia is the most unpleasant, then no grass will not help, I have lived with such a problem for many years, and I went to peacefully for 5 years and when I removed all that again - bleeding - did not manage to stop anything. If to you for forty that dare on operation.

a guest 14 August, 2012, 17:12

Hello, I want to ask, I was removed cervix, t, to was dysplasia, the doctor said in a year I can give birth, if there is such a desire, I think that she will grow a cervix or you can bear the neck of a cervix.

a guest 02 August, 2012, 18:36


Irina (id: 8500) July 31, 2012, 04:22

Thank you, good article. Why 9 years ago no one could bring this information to me. They removed the uterus and cervix at 30 years, and after 4 years problems began, and if I had been recommended before taking HRT, everything would have worked out. Very sorry.

a guest July 29, 2012, 13:40

A good forum. Encouraging. There is life after the operation.

a guest 17-Aug-2012, 19:51

aynat (id: 21685) 01 April, 2014, 16:34

14 years ago to me have performed operation, have removed anduterus and ovaries. This remained a mystery to all. Legend of this - removed the cyst. Now I'm 59 years old. I feel much better than in my youth. I go to a fitness club 5-6 times a week, I work, I work with my grandchildren. I use the clitoris plaster, it is very convenient. I stuck it for a week and forgot. Still all this time I drink calcium with vitamin d3. The indications are improving every year. If someone knew and pityed me, it must have also decayed. Sex and desire increased at times.

a guest 20-Jul-2012, 17:07

The operation to remove the fibroids was conducted in February. removed the uterus and epididymis. since there was a cyst in it. 4 months were monthly. and now the tides have begun. The waist a little hurts a little but probably because of a backbone. A little fat on a stomach or belly. It is necessary to sew a mouth zashit. It disturbs me. I have selected superfluous 3 kg. it is necessary to hand over the analysis on wives. a hormone .a at us the doctor in holiday has left .. To another there is no sense to go вобщем to live it became better. my bowel has improved. I thought that I have cancer. everything was hurting before the operation. t. ch. excess weight is trifles with constant pains. with a height of 168 I weigh 67 kg and after the operation it was 63. very quickly gained weight

Cat (id: 16525) June 28, 2013, 14:38

Like adults, all people, and write nonsense. I even registered with indignation! how can the monthly without a uterus.

Valentine (id: 23537) October 14, 2014, 01:38

it happens, in addition to the cervix, they leave (by accident, or intentionally) a small part of the uterus, which gives something like a month's.

a guest 07-July-2012, 14:31

GOOD DAY, Lovely WOMEN. To me in April 2012. removed all during postmenopause. I'm 59 years old. The doctor who did the operation for discharge prescribed me Klimodinon 3 months for 1 tabl.polova life pazreshena only 2 months after opyrovaniya.TAK at the first sexual intercourse after the operation I felt discomfort, which was not before the operation and dryness. I went back to the doctor and told her about my problem and besides, I complained that my back hurt, I hardly sleep, there are small tides. The doctor said that apparently the organism can not cope with the climodinon and prescribed the next treatment, canceling the climodinone; Angelik on 1 tabl.chrez day 2-3 weeks. then on 1 tab. after 2 days on 3. When I drank angelic every other day I felt very good, my back aches and pains were gone, nervousness became less, sleep became normalized. But once you started taking 1 tablet. in 2 days on 3, there were again pains in a back and began to fall asleep worse. So it is necessary to go again to the doctor, I think, that she again will appoint or nominate on 1 table. in a day. In addition, I was assigned a cream of ovestins, which completely removed the problem with sexual intercourse, everything is fine and wonderful. But there is no uterine myoma or ovarian cysts, which was long and unsuccessfully treated. Histology after surgery is normal. correct for me a dose of Angelica and everything will be in order. I have an arterial hypertension of 3 tbsp. and the cardiologist does not mind taking Angelica, just said that there are more foods where there is calcium, because the calcium is absorbed completely and better by the food. So. that a lovely woman, life is beautiful and amazing and after the operation neither husband nor I feel any discomfort. All the best to you!

marina (id: 7947) 16-July-2012, 11:52

you are 59 and you still need sex.or just my husband inferior. 46 and the need for sex has long evaporated. menopause with 42 and from the same time, there is neither the desire nor the ability to enjoy sex. in September, a planned operation to remove the uterus, hyperplasia of the endometrium. I'm afraid of the unknown-what will happen next. it is not worth doing anything, and live as long as I live. Hyperplasia is not cancer, and the probability of switching to a cancerous tumor of 100 women. 3. God can give and carry. Only the daughter and husband at home do the operation and everything is here. I live or not. Is this for this To cling to the future, there is already no future. Only old age and penniless pension are ahead.

a guest 16 August, 2012, 00:41

Good evening! I am 38 years old. 14.06.12 removed the uterus (cut in the lower abdomen). First there was a lot of fear, the operation was adjusted half a year. It turns out that there is nothing terrible! Life goes on! I do not feel any changes in myself, in sex, too, everything is fine. the husband did not notice any changes. Do not let go of your hands, this is not the end of life. Think about your loved ones! It turned out that the husband and son worried for me more than I did myself. Once again I was convinced that they needed, for this it is worth living. Alyona

a guest 17 August, 2012, 19:27

MARINA, EVERYTHING WILL BE HELD AFTER OPERATION.YOUR CONDITION IS THE CONSEQUENCE OF DISEASE. I had cancer of the uterus, and there was also a complete apathy for everything, but now I live a full life, overtaking the loss of life in the world during the disease. OPERATIONS are afraid of being unwell. Everything was removed, 2/3 of the vagina is left. Now I want to live. I went through surgery, rays terrible in this no, it was only 2 months after the operation. thanks to the doctors of Donetsk regional oncology, thanks to their bright heads and their golden hands. MARINA DO NOT BE AFRAID, BE HEALTHY.

marina (id: 7947) 24 August, 2012, 17:19

Thanks for the support. but still frightening.we are frightened by the unknown, as it will be after the operation. I was lying in the ward with the operated ones, it is even more terrible to become stupid. I am full and full seam for a long time does not heal, it hurts. The throat hurts after anesthesia, pershit, and I have a stressful incontinence, I write with every cough (sorry ) shame and pozor.vot and I'm afraid.hyperplasia me like that and does not worry at all, does not hurt. if not Uzi survey and did not know okay.i as a shoe on the head-operation, delete everything. it's hard to decide, it's hard to accept all this .я and so already like and not the woman - 4 years as there are no monthly, and here esch and throw everything for a woman.

Anechka (id: 19442) 21 April, 2014, 20:28

Hello, I have the same operation as uYou: oncology expelled, but removed everything, 2/3 of the vagina. It seems to be all right, but sex is painful, you need to choose poses. This creates discomfort, can it only in the first time? Maybe in the future, when everything healed will be properly not so bad? Thank you.

a guest September 29, 2012, 12:27

Marina, you have a pessimistic attitude. I will not delve into banality about life for the sake of my daughter and so on. To me now 49 years, a uterus have removed in 36, recently my friend have removed, to her 33года. Do not be afraid of this operation (we did it in the Rostov oncoinstitute), it's not complicated, no consequences, you leave as quickly. I on the third day after the operation I rolled up my belly with a sheet and ran away in the car, though I got a doctor from the doctor)) Feel after becoming myself better, no change in sex, even better. Especially when you consider that I have not suffered from sexuality since my youth. So if the doctor recommends, then do it, you will feel much better, that's why the disease is acting psychologically for you. The most difficult thing is to decide and enter the operating room, and there the injection in the vein and wake up already in the ward.

Ola (id: 14529) Mar 22, 2013, 9:39 pm

dear Marina! Well, except for sex in this world is still a lot of joy, what kind of old age is in 46. To me in three weeks 60, on Tuesday will remove the uterus and appendages and lymph nodes, I have adenocarcinoma. But I really want to live! I have a 3rd grandson at the beginning of April) If the doctor advises you to do the operation, do it, you already have menopause, it's okay.

a guest June 25, 2012, 19:24

thank you, cognitive article, I was done in Marchpassed almost 4 months, the state of health is normal, before the operation there were bleeding and cleansing, there were no monthly ones for 4 years, last bleeding opened one after another

a guest May 25, 2012, 08:10

The uterus and cervix were removed at 46 years old. Now to me 54. I do not feel any particular inconveniences and ailments. The climax passes gently. I do not even understand whether it is, or not. The quality of life after the operation improved. Before that, bleeding was flooded. Constant curettage. There was no joy from life. But I was not prescribed any treatment after the operation. The truth began to ache a joint. But we have this hereditary. And high cholesterol appeared, but not so long ago. And does not decrease in any way. And since I have one kidney (the second one was removed when I was 36), doctors explain it to a high-blooded person because I'm a kidney patient. Weight added, but a little to blame, I like to eat. The only kidney is healthy. I go to the bathhouse, I work in the garden. I try to lead an active life. I look 10 years younger than I am. And I do not remember at all that I do not have enough in the body. Maybe I just got lucky. I wish all of you endurance and health.

a guest 17-Jun-2012, 21:49

you are not the only one I have 50 years I startedclimax in 46 years and in 47 removed the uterus both tubes and left ovary began to hurt joints developed osteoporosis and increased cholesterol sexual life became brighter and more often only have time I also do not feel negativity so do not be afraid of luck and health to you stronger

a guest 01-Aug-2012, 18:17

I will never believe that after the removal of the uterus, life will become more beautiful