The sick heart swells around the legs

About almost everyone has heard of varicose veins. Extended veins require treatment under the supervision of a specialist. But often the problems with the feet are associated not only with the blood, but also with the lymph vessels. Simple edema can be a symptom of a serious illness - lymphedema.

This disease occurs much more often than canto appear. Every tenth inhabitant of the planet suffers. It's just that people do not always understand the complexity of the situation and try to treat it in "grandfather" ways, without going to the doctor. This is a huge mistake that can lead to serious consequences.

How to distinguish lymphedema from usual swelling

So what is behind this frightening word "lymphedema "?" This disease occurs as a result of a disturbance of the lymph current in the tissues. Problems with the lymphatic system are especially common in women. This is expressed in the form of a significant increase in the volume of legs. At the initial stage of the disease, the legs swell at the end of the day, and by morning pass. This is a serious reason to see a doctor.

"Yes, a little worried, but the main thing is that in the morningeverything is normal "- if not for this common opinion, then the second stage would have been avoided by many. The second stage is when the swelling becomes more stable and no longer pass. And if you start lymphedema, it can lead to trophic disorders (ulcers, dermatitis, eczema).

Because of what there is a lymphedema

Lymphedema is congenital and acquired. In the first case, it can manifest itself already in early childhood or during puberty, when the hormonal background changes. But congenital pathologies are much less common than acquired disease. Lymphodema often occurs as a complication of the transferred skin diseases, the result of oncology, gynecological problems or inflammation of the pelvic organs in women.

For a long time sick lymphedema in Russiathere was practically no place to seek treatment. There were no specialists in this field, nor the corresponding equipment. Fortunately, over the past 10 years, the situation has changed. In Russian cities there are clinics specializing in lymphology and using the experience of the world's best clinics.

«Treatment of lymphedema begins with a manual lymph drainagemassage, "- says Yevgeny Silchuk, head of the department. department of lymphology and CVI clinic "Center of Phlebology" - "this is a very light, gentle massage, which starts with uninfected areas. The second stage of the procedure is hardware pneumocompression. The patient is put on the so-called pneumostands, in different chambers, which are supplied with air for a certain computer program, which contributes to effective lymphatic drainage. And the third stage is the imposition special compression knitwear . This does not allow the swelling to increase again, keeping the foot in the sizes that we achieve with the first two procedures. "

The course consists, as a rule, of 8-10 procedures. At the end of the treatment, the feet are measured and the compression knitwear is selected, which must be worn to maintain the result. It specifically tightens the legs and helps the flow of lymph in the tissues.

In the treatment it is very important to actively participate andthe patient's motivation. He should engage in exercise therapy, do special exercises, and in bandage or compression jersey. For an effective fight against the disease will have to change and their lifestyle, abandon bad habits, monitor food, increase motor activity.

"I fell ill with erysipelas and got to the hospital," says Larysa Dovydenkova, a patient at the clinic "Center for Phlebology"- The nurse who was courting me, said that I need to turn to doctor-phlebologist.Already on the recommendation, I applied to the "CenterPhlebology. " The treatment was so effective that now, walking with a dog, I can walk four kilometers. You do not even know what kind of happiness it is after many years to walk again like everyone else. "

Is it possible to completely cure lymphedema

Unfortunately, there is no panacea for lymphedema. And do not believe anyone who promises it to you. It is impossible to completely cure lymphedema, but it is possible to significantly reduce or completely remove lymphatic edema and maintain the result achieved.

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