Swelling over the knees

Female 35 years.
Russia Moscow

This morning getting up, I found a slight painin the knee. After a few steps she began to limp. To step on the foot does not hurt, but it is problematic to bend and unbend. The area above the knee is swollen. A week before today, I completely could not unbend my leg while walking, it hurt under the knee as if the tendon or muscle did not unbend to the end and it hurt, but today it is directly swollen and generally walking is problematic. When pressing on the swollen area on the right side a little hurt. Completely to bend a leg or foot it painfully, to unbend not painfully. From childhood I suffer from flat feet and there were pains in my knees, which with age have passed. For pregnancy gained excess weight and pain in the lower back. Weight decreases, the loins become lighter. What's with the knee? Has forgotten to tell or say: when I sit on a chair longly this leg or foot (right) grows dumb.

(A guest)Marina, 45 years old 6/13/2010 4:02 AM

Hello! I have long been concerned about pain at one point on the back of the right shoulder. And three days ago, for no apparent reason (did not raise the severity, not hurt, did not freeze), severe pain began in the right arm from shoulder to elbow. The first day the arm hurt mainly during movement. And then the pain began to bother constantly. It is simply impossible to move a hand now. The pain increases if you lie down and leave your hand alone. Especially I suffer at night. I lie down and immediately jump up - the pain is making up and becomes unbearable. If you walk a little, the pain calms down a little. The most convenient position: the arm is bent at the elbow, pressed to the body and supported by the left arm.
Strong painful sensations cause even the slightest touch to the front of the shoulder.
Very much I ask to help or assist me with advice or council!

Andrey Viktorovich Krasilnikov 06/13/2010 12:33 PM

Elena | | (Female 30, Petropavlovsk, Kazakhstan) | 10/18/2013 09:49

Hello. When I was in college, I hit my fence with a knee when I ran. After this, the knee became swollen and painful, but very quickly passed. There was no time to treat. It's been 10 years now and now I have a very active child and my knee began to ache strongly. Now it is constantly swollen and I can not even unbend it, I come through force. And now for three nights I wake up in pain and can not move my foot. To the surgeon I shall get it is not known when since my husband is not allowed to leave the job, and the grandmothers both work and you will not ask for leave. In general, I am alone with this problem. How can I get rid of the pain? At least temporarily until I can get to the hospital? And how serious is this?

In the autumn, I twisted my leg and it was painful but not strongafter some around the knee, a tumor appeared. To flex flexibly and unbend the knee began to strongly limp sometimes I put my foot with the help of the hands, pain relievers do not help what can it be?