The legs swell in the morning and in the evening

Many people have swollen feetin the area of ​​the feet, it is more difficult for them to put on shoes, to fasten locks on their boots. It is impossible not to attach importance to this, even if everything passes in the morning. Swollen legs can testify not only to the fatigue of the lower limbs, but also to serious health problems.

What are the legs swollen from? The first cause may be excessive physical stress, if you have to stand on your feet or walk a lot. For example, sellers in stores. Sedentary work also causes swelling of the legs. Tight shoes and high-heeled shoes cause the calf muscles to be strained, which causes the stagnation of lymph and blood in the legs, and there is swelling. Legs also swell from excessive fluid intake.

Serious diseases such as varicose veins,violation of the kidneys, cardiovascular insufficiency and flat feet, can cause swelling of the legs. Violation of the outflow of lymph in the subcutaneous tissue and skin, causing severe swelling, is called an elephant disease. It causes chronic liver ailments and a decrease in thyroid function.

If the legs are swollen, what should I do? When girls in pursuit of a slender figure begin to abuse diets and starvation, the protein content may drop in the blood, which will lead to edema of the limbs, because the protein is a necessary element that can keep water in the channel of blood vessels.
Often swollen feet are in pregnant womenbecause of the hormonal changes in the body, and also because the enlarged uterus presses on other organs. This disrupts the circulation of blood in the limbs, they swell. Therefore, doctors recommend that pregnant women wear a bandage so that there is not this problem.

With age, people tend toedema of the feet. The heart starts to work weaker, the connective tissue grows old, in the subcutaneous tissue there is less collagen, because of which more fluid is retained. In women who have problems with veins and are prone to fatness, swelling often occurs in hot weather. Thus the skin can get a cyanotic shade.

Doctors recommend eliminating the cause, which causes swelling of the legs. Do not self-medicate, drink diuretics. The phlebologist will give you an exhaustive consultation and help you solve the problem.

The following simple exercises will help to put in order swollen feet, if the reason lies in uncomfortable shoes and excessive fatigue:

1. Rotate clockwise and counterclockwise 20 times.
2. Lift small objects from the floor with your toes - 10 times.
3. Walk on your toes on the floor for 5 minutes.
4. Go up on your toes and go down on your heels - 20 times.
5. Spread your toes wider, and then press them against the soles of your feet. This will help to remove fatigue from the legs (repeat the exercise 20 times).

Do not wear tight shoes, give preference tomodels from a natural leather with a convenient shoe, with a steady and not so high heel. If you often swollen feet, exclude the hairpin from your wardrobe. Do not stand or sit in one position for long, if possible, lift your legs more often. Do not wear weights, in extreme cases, buy a bag on wheels. Teach yourself to sleep by placing your feet on the platen from the blanket. Limit the use of liquid, pickles, smoking. Eat more foods that contain potassium and iodine, as well as fruits and vegetables that produce a diuretic effect.