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Feature patients colorectal cancer is the presence of metastases in the liver. I've seen patients with a lesion of about 80% of the liver, but there were no obvious clinical and laboratory signs of hepatic insufficiency. Therefore, when selecting plants for treatment patientscancer large intestine, you need to focus not only onand even not so much on "intestinal" herbs, as on "hepatic". The use of herbs in case of detected symptoms of bowel cancer Duckweed is one of my most favorite plants, which I add to almost every collection for the treatment of a patient cancer intestines. Take the patient cancer intestines on two peas twice a day. in the form of therapeutic enemas to the patient cancer intestines. Herbs used for liver damage patientscancer intestine Immortelle sandy - this is one of the best "hepatic" grasses. To drink sick cancer intestine in 1/3 of st. Regulation of stool in bowel cancer Stool disorders in a patient cancer the large intestine can be both in the form of constipation, and in the form of diarrhea. The fixing effect of these remedies is pronounced, so sensitive people patientscancer the opposite state may occur - constipation. Treatment of constipation in bowel cancer Treatment of constipation also represents a considerable problem in the patient cancer of the large intestine. Excessive absence of stool in the patient cancer with preserved intestinal transit function (unoperated sick or sickcancer intestine after a reconstructive operation) must necessarily alarm the subject of the formed intestinal obstruction. Such a patient cancer intestine, before he will be prescribed herbs from constipation, should visit the surgeon. And, at last, the third feature of treatment of constipations at patientscancer the large intestine is that some laxatives give their effect due to irritation of the mucosa of the large intestine. Treatment of constipation in a patient cancer intestines should not begin with the use of herbs, but with the normalization of the drinking regime, as well as the regime and composition of nutrition. Lack of water in the patient's body cancer The intestine makes you take the liquid out of the stools to the maximum. Thus, for a day sick cancer the intestine should drink fluids (water, tea, juices, other drinks) at least a liter and a half. Sickcancer intestines, despite the apparent lack of fluid in the body, rarely feel thirsty. The next reason for atony patientscancer intestine - lack of dietary fiber,which, as is known, keep water in the feces, do not digest themselves, thereby increasing the volume of feces, and provoke active peristalsis. To drink sick cancer intestines of 1 tbsp. Drinking to the sick person cancer intestines during the day with sips.

Why the focus was on kidney cancer. Significantly increased risk of becoming ill cancer kidney, number patients growing, which is confirmed by medical statistics. Risk factors for the disease cancer Kidneys The most significant risk factor for the disease cancer kidneys - smoking. Another risk factor for the disease cancer kidneys - excess body weight, as the formation of a large number of fatty acid derivatives leads to the activation of carcinogenesis (cancer). In the risk zone of the disease cancer kidneys are also people with increasedarterial pressure, long-term on dialysis (artificial kidney), working with chemicals, living in the territory contaminated with radionuclides after the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, men (they are ill cancer kidneys are twice as likely as women). kidney cancer is not a sentence, there is hope, because 65.5% patients renal cell cancer completely recover.

Treatment patients alcoholism folk remedies Unfortunately, alcoholism is struggling in our time, and fought several thousand years ago. In folk medicine has long been for treatment patients alcoholism is used levzeyu safflower. Traditional treatment of alcoholism at home The herb of thyme (another name Bogorodskaya grass, thyme) is a gift of God for people, patients alcoholism. How to pray for a patient with alcoholism Help to a drinker in the temple Methods of treating alcoholism folk remedies I'll bring the folk method of treatment patients alcoholism. For home treatment patients alcoholism is needed. At first I began to doubt that such a simple method of home treatment of alcoholism may work, but on occasion decided to try. What helped in such a home treatment of alcoholism in fact, I can not say. You can use and such a "Anti-water" prescription. For treatment patients alcoholism, she prepared a collection of herbs of thyme (Bogorodskaya grass) - 4 parts, wormwood and a thousand square centners - for 1 part. By this gathering the woman supplied relatives patients alcoholism.

This is one course of treatment of the patient cancer. After this, the patient cancer month and a half resting, consults with the attending physician or phytotherapeutist and again takes an anti-cancer tincture. But in general sickcancer you need to be treated for 2 to 5 years, using different schemes, methods and means aimed at improving and purifying the body. To help the patient cancer kidney and glomerulonephritis can use this collection. those who sleep at room temperature of 16-18 degrees, cancer Do not get sick. Therefore it is very useful sickcancer twice a day to take a contrast shower and do body massage with a towel, drink 1 liter a day kvass B. why there is no cancer of the heart.

Thus, from 1990 to 2000, the incidence cancer of the prostate gland in Russia increased by almost 64%, in the countries of Western Europe it rises to the 2-rd place, and in the USA it is already in the lead among other oncological diseases. In case of cancer prostate, on the contrary, because of the decrease in the sensitivity of tissues to insulin in the body it is formed more than necessary. It is known that y patientscancer The prostate in the blood is always determined by the lowerthe level of lycopene, than in healthy men of the same age. Clinical studies have shown that taking lycopene alone in 30 mg per day for three weeks contributes to a significant reduction in the serum level of the prostate-specific agent in blood serum patients with various pathologies of the prostate gland, including cancer prostate. Maintaining a sufficient concentration of lycopene in the blood is useful not only in terms of reducing the risk of developing prostate cancer, but also patients, who are or have already been treated for this disease.

I work in Siberia, I treat lung tuberculosis mentally patients. I use honey in the treatment of tuberculosis of my lungs patients. This folk remedy well helps the anemic, and also sick tuberculosis in the first stage of their disease. If it is now, the doctors would attribute a miraculous healing patients due to the presence in pine cones of a large amount of vitamin C. Patients pulmonary tuberculosis is treated with crushed bears.

Why it happened so. These flowers perfectly heal any wounds, even trophic ulcers, which often appear on the feet of patients diabetes mellitus. We soak in a cooled decoction of bandage or gauze and superimpose on patient a place. Skin Problems in Diabetes Mellitus Many patients diabetes mellitus appears, legs, body. Or mix 50 g of sea-buckthorn oil with 100 g of birch tar, treat with a mixture sick sites. Hygiene in diabetes mellitus Personal hygiene for patients Diabetes is very important, as a diabetic foot can develop.

The resulting infusion should be rubbed sick joints to redness in the morning and evening, after which the heat is wrapped. During the treatment of arthritis I rub it for 1 -2 minutes once a day in patient a place. This folk arthritis treatment of joints with the help of maple leaves is very suitable for those who suffer not only arthritis, but also gout or osteochondrosis. In the first year is folk treatment of rheumatoid arthritis to be carried out every quarter, then once a year, and, necessarily after a course of cleaning the intestines. When such a folk treatment of knee arthritis should be abandoned from sour cabbage and tomatoes in any form, ketchup also not eat.

Folk treatment of erysipelas In a water bath, boil the sunflower oil for 5 hours, cool and lubricate sick places. The patient place cover with a cloth of cloth and irradiate it 1-1.5 minutes with a red-hot soldering iron. I hope that they will help sick.

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