The legs are swollen and sigh

Hello. At my mum (55 years) the right leg or foot to a knee very strongly began to swell, earlier such was not. Also through the skin oozing some kind of liquid of a transparent color. We turned to the doctor therapist. He prescribed Mildroxine and Trigrim, recommended taking until the edema subsides. It's been more than two weeks, but there are no improvements yet. It worries me, because he did not really look at the advice of his legs. Plus, just a couple of days ago, my mother began to notice that her leg was inflamed. An incomprehensible red spot appeared. Please tell me, what can it be and how do we need to contact a doctor?

Symptoms: The right foot swells, the liquid oozes

The causes of edema may be several. But since one mother swells one leg, it allows you to suspect a vascular cause of edema - venous or lymphatic insufficiency. To clarify the diagnosis, you need to consult a phlebologist (or lymphologist) and make ultrasound duplex scanning of veins.

From an edema the skin on a leg or foot is pulled, canto crack and from there leak the lymph fluid (transparent yellowish color), this condition is called lymphorrhea. Also, against the background of persistent edema, trophic tissue disorders (inflammation) can occur in the form of reddening and condensation of the skin. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the edema. Diuretic drugs can not be treated with lymphatic edema. Before visiting the doctor, you need to bandage your leg with an elastic bandage from the toes to the knee joint, grabbing the heel. If the elastic bandage will get wet from the lymphatic fluid, it's not scary, just change the bandage. Lymph will not stop if you do not reduce the swelling.

After clarifying the diagnosis, the doctor will appoint younecessary treatment. Lymphatic drainage procedures are performed to reduce lymphatic edema. But similar procedures can be carried out only after examination - ultrasound of veins and consultations of phlebologist (lymphologist).

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