Swollen legs and under the eyes

Swelling on the face, swollen cheeks and bags with eyes under- a phenomenon that often meets people among 25-50 years. You should not calm yourself that, the such a problem could appear due to overwork and lack of sleep. It is not always so. Swelling in the morning on the face may be a signal of a more serious illness, so when swelling occurs, it's worth the person to go to the doctor or to the examination.

women and girls who have swollen eyes and begin to look for answers to their questions in how: the Internet to quickly remove the swelling from the face, do what, if the face of the sleep has become swollen after

Why does it swell and swell up in the morning after sleeping?

If your face swells, the reasons for this may beSome. different doctors refer to the edema of the face to the urolithiasis of the disease, pyelonephritis or renal Other. Insufficiency is said to be the direct causes of consumption - edema of alcohol, salty foods, irregular time in sleep pose. Why does the face swell up?

1. Salt Eating in large quantities (more than 5 grams in a day) can cause swelling of the face, tk. the fluid in the body is delayed. It is recommended to consume no more than 2-salt per day.

2. Uncomfortable posture during sleep is caused by the fact that many people are crumpled with a wake up and a strongly swollen face in the morning.

3. Height Wrong pillows. At the wrong height, the cushions can be pinched lymph and blood vessels, which certainly leads to the formation of edema.

4. Why can my face swell and my eyes swell up? Under the use of a large volume of fluid sleep before and during the day. For a good saturation, the skin feels well with moisture and the process of metabolism is accelerated, it is recommended to drink 30-35 ml each. water per 1 kg of weight, but not otherwise. the more you will go with the heavily swollen and face swollen and wonder why and where there are strong such swelling.

5. Lack of hormones produced by the thyroid gland. There is a shortage of iodine, which means that the internal regulation of the organism is disturbed.

6. Kidney disease (stones, pyelonephritis, insufficiency).

7. If you drink alcohol on or in the evenings you had a "booze", then get ready to get pretty swollen face next morning.

8. Insomnia, overwork, lack of sleep.

9. The next reason for the appearance of edema by eyes under and on the face are heart problems and cardiac insufficiency. What symptoms can indicate not the heart with problems: swelling and bags under the eyes, periodic, shortness of pain in the area of ​​the heart with the left also, and the hand numbness of the left hand during allergic.

10. sleep reaction to cosmetics, food, insect bites - these are the causes of swelling and swelling in allergies. the face is very often accompanied by an increase in itching, temperature, red rash, runny nose and sometimes headaches. In this case, you need to pass the test for allergic tests and find out what the reaction causes. Allergic edema of the face is very good, because. Dangerous reactions with the allergen you can swell up Quincke.

11. Low-quality cosmetics. Yes, you will be surprised greatly, but cheap and poor quality mascara for powder, eyes and shadows are the cause, because of which many girls begin to water and foul, the eyes become red and swollen. Poor-quality cosmetics can clog pores and violate the natural most breathing of the skin, which leads to redness and swelling.

12. Lack of sleep, hard days, fatigue on you affect the appearance. Because of chronic fatigue, you will have swelling of the face and dark circles and under the bags of the eyes. The causes of swelling are a lack of sleep sufficient, during which the body has time to start and relax to work in a normal regime.

Why is one swelling around the face?

1. The reason for the unilateral facial edema may be that you sleep on one side alone, and during the day you drink a lot Try. Do not drink plenty of water an hour before the cause.

2. Sleep swelling of the right or left side of the face can be ENT diseases, sinusitis, for example.

3. Toothache, gum disease, can caries be the cause of swelling of one side face, right or left, ie. the one where, the side is the sick tooth.

4. Pinching of the facial nerve causes severe swelling of the face, but one from only the side (this may be the right side, or the left one). Very often, the edema is one-sided triggering the trigeminal neuralgia.

5. you have If it swells a lot, tears and swells worse, eye vision and swelling on the cheek, then go to the ophthalmologist. Perhaps you have inflammation of the eye.

swollen Why face in the morning?

Most often, the face on the swelling is found in the morning, when, with the bed rising from the fifth alarm signal, we run to the mirror in a quick wash and go to work.

edema Morning is most often associated with a wrongthe violation and position of the outflow of fluid in the course of the movement or vessels, the inclination of the head in a certain direction (if, say, you sleep on the cushion-roll, and the head during sleep is thrown back) and the health problems, the article in the above.

How to remove swelling from that face? do in a strong puffiness?

Consider prevention methods and eliminate edema from the face.

1. Get an orthopedic pillow. Only in the correct position of the head during sleep is a normal outflow of fluid possible.

2. Use Cut into table salt. Less is more - salt of health. Remember this for Reduce.

3. self consumption of smoked and heavily salted carbonated, food beverages and coffee, they delay fluid outflow from the body and are the cause of swelling and puffiness face. If you often want to stand, drink a doctor - this can be a signal to be a diabetes mellitus or a breach of the thyroid function of the gland.

4. Give up alcohol.

5. Make allergy samples and eliminate from your environment objects and causing, reaction products.

6. Go to a cosmetologist and choose the right makeup for your skin type.

7. Try to sleep more. If you have sleep disorders, contact your doctor. Do not overload yourself with work and set aside more time for outdoor walks.

If to you the above-stated advice or councils have not helped or assisted and the face on still swells strongly, and eyes swim, it is necessary to address to That.

to the doctor to do or make, to what doctor to address?

Face Puffiness can be caused by diseaseskidney, heart, neuralgia, ENT diseases and diseases. Better. the eye first of all to address to the therapist, he will appoint to you inspections and analyzes on which results you the reason find out your puffiness.

How to get rid of the face on puffiness and around the eyes with the help of folk folk

means? the remedies are good because harm without health, without application, you can remove the swelling and puffiness on the face in a home environment.

Unfortunately, our grandmothers and great-grandmothers also suffered from the appearance of edema on the face. However, almost all the ailments were treated with lekartsvennyh folk remedies and herbs.

Remove strong face swelling and eyes can be using herbal

decoctions from the edema of the face will help diureticsherbal or preparations. Try to replace coffee and tea with infusion of wild rose berries or cowberry decoction leaf. Such "tea" will help the body to remove excess liquid, adjust metabolism as well, and processes will fill the lack of vitamin C. Various herbal collections (eg chamomile + oregano + clover + excrete) nettles excess water and toxic substances.

flow in the Weeks of the week, herbal decoctions andnotice that the face that stops swelling in the morning (if they caused a problem with the withdrawal of fluid from the body, a salty food surplus or a kidney problem).

Quickly and safely eliminate morning swelling(binge after, sleepless nights or strong wipe), face stress and the area around the eyes with an ice cube. You can cook simple ice from mineral water, and you can make it from a decoction of juice, chamomile, cucumber, etc. just pour the broth into the freeze and molds.

Do not use ice massage if you have couperose (vascular asterisks on your face). Sharp blood vessels narrowing due to the effects of ice on the skin can increase to cause "sprockets".

A few tips that will help remove puffiness and make the face more beautiful and smooth

1.Massage using light cream. Apply the cream on the face and soft circular massage the problem areas. Do this pads followed by fingers, do not put pressure on the face of the palm of the whole. Such massage promotes rapid circulation fluid in the body and prevents the formation of edema.

2. salts Replacement with spices. If you find it difficult to consume salt, try adding more spices to the food. Black ground pepper, coriander, tarragon and basil give the food a peculiar which, the taste helps to compensate for the lack of salt. Use also in the food of celery (both shredded in the form of dry and fresh), it is slightly salty in the Mask.

taste, removing swelling of the face

Recipe 1. tighten the skin perfectly and remove swelling pulling gelatin with a mask. Take a teaspoon of gelatin, dilute it in 100 ml of water and add 1 teaspoonful of sour cream. The mask is applied for 15 minutes to face and Recipe.

wash off 2. Mask with cucumber and honey. We need to grind (cucumber 1 tablespoon mashed potatoes), add 1 teaspoon of honey tea and apply to the face. Then cool it off with water and wipe it with ice.

Did the child swallow the face, how to treat it?

Edema can be a person not only in adults, but also in children.

which, because of the cause of children, the face is swollen by almost, in the morning, the same as in adults. For a small Very:

- the exception is the cause of edema in the face of the childinfectious disease is a mumps. His symptoms are: deterioration in overall health, headache, high pain, muscle body temperature, etc. Treatment is usually appointed by the doctor, which should be called at home.

- cause The second edema of the face in children is an allergy. complication Dangerous allergies - angioedema. If only the baby is not swollen, but cough, red and choking spots on the body - immediately give him an antihistamine and call an ambulance.

- A person's face care in a child may occur in flu time, colds, sore throats. They are manifested because of submandibular inflammation of the lymph nodes. Such swelling usually occurs with recovery.

- A strong crying causes children severe swelling, redness of the face, headache and, in rare cases, fever.

that, We hope with the help of our advice, you can get rid quickly of the swelling of the face.