Legs swell the skin

And you know what unites the cabbage leaf withhoney and ripe bananas, fried onions with wax and hydrogen peroxide with salt? So, from the presented components, you can make excellent folk remedies from cracks on the skin. If you have cracked skin on your legs or hands, then be sure to read the article. From it you will learn recipes for making simple homemade ointments and baths to solve this problem and understand why the skin is cracking, how to cope with this trouble, what can help doctors and what is the essence of prevention of cracks.

Why does the skin on my hands and feet crack?

Very often, the skin cracks in the hands, whichis too dry. In fact, dryness can be a symptom of a serious illness or act as an independent condition. Dermatologists even put some people such a diagnosis as constitutionally dry skin. Dry skin and itching occur in people with atopic dermatitis. Also, the skin begins to dry out in the event of a decrease in thyroid function. And still, if you have dry, cracking skin, then this may indicate the development of diabetes.

Even lung problems can lead to drynessskin and its further cracking. The lack of vitamins A, D, too, not the best way affects the health of the skin of the hands. Cracks and peeling are sometimes signs of skin lesions caused by fungus. Bad influence on the skin has an unbalanced diet.

As we found out, mostly dry skin is cracking. What else affects its level of moisture? Often the skin of those girls who constantly overdry it, when they come into contact with household chemistry, doing homework, often keep their hands in water for a long time. Too sunny or frosty and windy weather can also lead to the formation of cracks in the hands. Skin can crack and after the body will face the action of the allergen.

People who have cracked skin on their legs canhave associated pathologies. They, as a rule, are endocrine diseases (pathology of the thyroid gland, diabetes, obesity). Fissures on the feet are often a manifestation of a fungal infection. They are also able to take on the role of certain gates that pass through the same fungal or bacterial infection.

Attention: to make sure that the skin between the fingers is cracked due to the development of fungal disease, you can prepare a solution of potassium permanganate. If, holding the sick legs in this solution for about five minutes, you will notice on the skin and nails white spots, it means that the feet occupied the fungus.

Cracked skin on the fingers and toes - how to treat?

If the skin begins to crack, be sure tocontact the clinic. Most likely, you will have to undergo a test, take tests, and then doctors will be able to determine if dryness and cracking of the skin are symptoms of diabetes or they talk about malfunctions in the thyroid gland. When confirming the presence of thyroid disease or diabetes mellitus with the treatment of the underlying ailment, which causes the skin to crack, the endocrinologist will be engaged. But it's wrong to stop only on the main disease - your suffered, dry and cracked skin also needs emergency help.

When the skin cracks, improve her conditionit is possible with the help of means containing the metabolite of the substance filagrin. It is not present in dry skin, which is constantly cracking. It restores the functions of the skin. In this case, do not use products that contain hormones, direct medicinal substances. But the means with the maintenance of filagrin are simply necessary in the event that the skin crackles.

What does the Filagrin do? First, it retains the natural skin lubricant on the surface. Secondly, filagrin, which confidently clings to the membranes of skin cells, does not allow the natural surface layer to disappear. Make the hands soft, smooth and help paraffinotherapy.

If the skin is cracking, be sure torevise your diet. In your diet should be fresh vegetables, fruits, eggs, beef, liver. To get rid of the problem, it is also necessary to drink a multivitamin. To remove the cracks that have arisen because of the development of the fungus, a dermatologist will help. He will pick up suitable antifungal agents for you, give recommendations and tell you how to take care of the affected skin.

So, if there are cracks in the fingersit is necessary to be examined for bacterial, fungal infections and endocrine system diseases. After identifying one of the ailments, the full treatment should be prescribed by a doctor who has a specialization (dermatologist, endocrinologist) corresponding to the nature of the disease. For the treatment of cracks, softening and moisturizing agents, regenerating and healing preparations are used. Traumatic methods of getting rid of cracks are best not to use. They can cause additional damage to the skin of the legs, preventing it from healing. Remove keratinized skin can be, using special solutions, pastes. They help the patient to get rid of the problem with a gentle method. Choosing such a remedy, you need to rely on the recommendations of your doctor and the advice of an experienced pharmacist.

The skin on the fingers and toes is cracked: treatment with folk remedies

Not all people who have cracked skin, couldget rid of this unaesthetic problem with the help of purchased moisturizing creams and other products. Also, many did not see the improvement, drinking vitamins. In this case, a large part of the desperate citizens could find the means by which they no longer crack the skin. It's about products that are prepared mainly from natural ingredients at home. Consider several recipes from cracks in the skin.

Honey wrap if the skin crackles on the fingers

Take a small spoonful of honey and heat it. This should be done in a water bath. Do not heat the honey very much - it should be slightly warm. In addition to good honey, you need to stock up on quality linseed oil and fresh chicken yolk. Oils take a teaspoon.

After mixing the ingredients you shouldit does not get very thick. It is distributed on top of the cracked skin with a brush. So that the mask does not creep and more effectively act, a food film is wound on top of the hand covered with honey mixture. Too limp the limb is impossible.

It is necessary to remove the film not earlier than in an hour. The remaining mask, wipe off with a cotton pad moistened in warm water. If the skin is cracking, do honey wrap twice a week.

Winter mask with an egg if the skin crackles on the fingers

From the cracks in your hands you will be saved by the egg-and-oilmask. For her, we need to separate the yolk from the protein and whip the last with a tablespoon of olive oil. To use the mask well, use a whisk.

Apply the product on your hands massagingmovements. It is washed off with warm water 20 minutes after application. After drying the clean hands with a napkin, rub a moisturizing cream into the skin. If the skin cracks, do this mask once a week, and soon you will be able to see how gentle, soft the pens will become.

Sodovo-soap trays from cracks on the heels

Put in a half liter of hot water a tablespoon of soda. Then add ½ tsp of mineral soap. It should contain natural oils and sea salt.

Legs are immersed in soda-mile water bybones. Pamper the legs in a cleansing, softening bath for 15 minutes. After lightly rub the heels and rinse them with warm water. At the end of the procedure, apply a fat cream on your feet. Look for a medical cream that contains aloe.

Attention: a significant improvement in the condition of the skin on the legs you will see after the tenth procedure.

Healing baths with herbs if the skin cracks on the hands or feet

Let's learn how to make baths thatperfectly healed and have an antiseptic effect. For two liters of boiling water you need a tablespoon of dried chamomile, string, St. John's wort, calendula and sage. When the broth is slightly infused and darkened, pour in two st. spoonful of vinegar. For the bath will need 9 percent table vinegar.

Keep feet in medicinal water for 10 minutes. After that, wipe them with a towel. In the end, lubricate the cracked areas with a fat cream.

Glycerin compress if the skin crack on the legs

Saturate gauze in a mixture of three spoons of glycerin and one - vinegar. Attach the compress to the places where your skin is cracked. From above put on your feet kulechki, and on them - warm socks.

This compress is left overnight. In the morning, wash your feet and treat them with cream. To help the rough skin with strong cracks, it is enough to make about five procedures.

Cream from cracks in skin on hands and feet

The cream is prepared from 20 g of calendula ointment and 10 mloily vitamin A. You need to spread the remedy every day for two weeks. After treating for 14 days, you can use ointment once a week for prevention.

Prevention of cracks in the skin of hands and feet

To the skin was in perfect condition and notCracked, you need to take care of it carefully. But not only external care can make the skin beautiful. Wishing that it does not look dull and dried, be sure to consume at least two liters of clean water daily. If you do not want to injure the skin of your hands, do homework with gloves. Always wear them when dealing with water, household chemicals. To protect the skin of hands, firing it from the appearance of cracks, do not go to frost without gloves, and in the summer do not forget to use moisturizing creams that protect against ultraviolet radiation.

You can save health, beauty of hands withweekly peelings, a variety of nutritional compresses, trays with medicinal herbs or decoction of oatmeal. Prevent the appearance of cracks on the legs will help stimulate blood circulation and hardening the skin contrasting baths. Just remember that keeping the legs in cold water needs less than hot. For example, if in a basin with a cold water it is enough to dip your feet for 15 seconds, then in a hot bath you should hold them for up to three minutes. Baths should not be done longer than 10 minutes. Such procedures can be repeated an unlimited number of times.

If you want to prevent the appearance of fungus,because of which the skin of the legs crackles, you need to increase your immunity, do not walk at plus temperatures in close winter shoes, so as not to create a greenhouse effect. In the winter, autumn time, dry your boots daily and change shoes at work.

Attention: having already been treated with fungus and cured, be sure to disinfect shoes with formalin or a solution of vinegar. It makes sense to disinfect only shoes made from natural materials. If your shoe is made of artificial fabrics, fur, then it is better to throw it away. Especially you should not pay attention to rubber sneakers, boots.

Prevention of cracks in the skin of hands or feet with apple cider vinegar

If you do not want to see how in connection with fungaldiseases crack the skin of your legs between your fingers and on your heels, get used to make preventative baths with apple cider vinegar. To make one bath, take a liter of warm water and three tablespoons of vinegar. Periodically making such vinegar procedures lasting 15 minutes, you will not have to fight in the future with the peeling and cracks that have arisen due to the development of fungal infection.

Important: after the vinegar bath, be sure to walk in the footsteps of pumice and do not forget to rinse them with warm water.