During the day the legs swell

Surgeon-phlebologist-lymphologist, surgeon of the first category

I recently had a problem. the feet are very sore and swell during the day, by the morning there is almost no swelling. Handed over analyzes on thyroid, result in norm or rate. I can not understand why this is happening. Please consult, what can it be. The previous work was all day long, now I work at the computer, i.e. sedentary.

Ulyana, Moscow, 27 years old

You need to consult a full-time lymphologist and first of all eliminate lymphedema of the lower extremities.

Sincerely, Elena Belyanina.

Hello! my mother is 51 years old, suffers from varicose veins. Recently, thrombosis of the subcutaneous veins was diagnosed →

19/05/2011 | Татьяна, 22 years old