Legs of grass swell

Posted on 30 March 2012 | Author: Victor Ivanovich

My legs are swelling - folk remedies.
Many complain that the evening swelling of the legs. cause do not know and say a lot of work. work all day you have to stand. When swollen legs this is a symptom saying that you have a serious disease chronic venous insufficiency. Not such a rare disease and 70% of Russians suffer from foot swelling. So what is dangerous is the swelling of the legs and what means is used by traditional medicine.

Swelling of the feet is due to what is easier saidthe blood flows from the legs badly. So how dangerous is the swelling of the legs. With swelling of the legs, venous thrombosis develops. The severed thrombus is extremely dangerous for life and as a rule ends with a thromboembolic pulmonary artery. a large vessel. the violation of which often leads to death.

Conservative methods for the treatment of leg edema. special elastic bandages. or compression stockings or pantyhose. Around the patients, a carcassulosic work of the muscular - venous pump that does not give the veins will be expanded. But with such treatment there is a significant disadvantage. It is necessary to use constantly and in a cold and in a heat and it for the patient is not so comfortable. Official medicine usually prescribes drugs. detraleks. Venorurton. Truvevazine. excubated and possibly aspirin diluting blood.

In addition, ointments of which are greata bunch of. helping the disappearance of edema and relieving pain. All would be nothing but with the long-term use of tablets there is a significant disadvantage. the effect is short-term and weak, and side effects from tablets are many. Therefore, my advice is not enough to advertise tablets and ointments. that's why. because with chronic venous insufficiency such funds do not exist. Many patients became convinced of this. Drug treatment is the removal of the symptom of a reduction in complications. In folk medicine the same thing.

In folk medicine, there are many collections of herbshelping to improve venous circulation. many patients have subtracted a recipe. begin to collect herbs and drink. but you must know the contraindications of these herbs since many herbs exaggerate the blood. and with edema of the feet this is unacceptable. Herbs that thicken the blood. motherwort. nettle. yarrow. plantain. valerian. both root and grass. So when preparing fees, consider this point.

Of the herbs, it is useful honeysucker which, without problems, can beDrink 1 glass a day for half an hour before meals for a long time without causing harm to their health but only to benefit. Of herbs with swelling of the feet I will advise. chestnut. tincture. 50 gr. fruits per half liter of vodka. in ten days is ready. Drink 1 teaspoon 3 times a day. the willow bark is white. Japanese Sophora. clover. Of the collections of grasses, the Antithromb composed of herbs is a good choice; willow bark. white clover. sweet clover, tamolga. hardened.

Collection of herbs for varicose disease composition; clover. oregano and other seeds. rose hips. bones. licorice. peony roots. Vasilisnik.

What. that, if desired, the villager can collect each one. and the willow bark with a spring sap move well, and even more. You have a free medicine for the whole winter. Take care not only to use pills but also what nature has given us. plants growing under your feet.
Victor Ivanovich.

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