The legs are swelling and bursting

Hello! Help me please. My grandmother is almost 80 years old. For almost 2 years she has hardly walked. up to 70 years on even the flu did not hurt. They took us to the hospital, called doctors, but they all say practically the same thing: the heart is healthy, everything is working fine, but it's old - we can not help it!
She, as I recall myself, has always been verylarge veins on the legs. And recently the legs are very swollen, the skin starts to crack, and the transparent liquid flows from the cracks, nothing smells, the legs are bluish. When I touch her feet it hurts.
I called a doctor. but he did not even look at anything. said that the kidneys were refused and she would soon die.
What is it can be, what analyzes need to be done, and can you tell a good doctor in Voronezh?