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Probably enough for a large number of peoplehad to deal with the situation of excessive swelling and swelling of the legs by the end of the working day. As a rule, this phenomenon with itself is observed during the summer. Causes that can trigger the development of edema of the lower limbs, in fact, plenty. This and various violations of the kidneys. and heat, and heart failure. and problems with blood vessels, and pregnancy. and varicose veins. etc. In all cases, edema of the lower extremities is considered to be a fairly serious problem, because at times because of it a person can not simply squeeze into his shoes. It turns out that if the problem is on the face, then it is necessary to fight it.
It will help you in this folk medicine! Right now we present to your attention various recipes from the people, using which you can get rid of excessive swelling and swelling of the legs.

Let's start with the Kalanchoe tincture. Take the fresh leaves of this medicinal plant, grind them, put them in a bottle and fill with water. Let the tincture be infused for ten to fifteen days, after which it can be used to rub the swollen limbs.

To save the body from excessive accumulationin it liquids, it is necessary to use the help of the recipe of special tea, prepare such tea from buds, and also birch leaves in the ratio of one teaspoon of raw material to half a glass of boiled water. The received portion is recommended to be divided into three doses and to drink throughout the day.

Very quickly remove from the body of excessliquid and crust of watermelon. They should be crushed, after which one part of the crusts should be poured with ten parts of water and allowed to boil for a quarter of an hour. After this, leave the broth cool, filter it and take inside half the glass three times - four times a day.

With excessive swelling of the feet,medicine and offer such a recipe: you need to take the same amount of grape wine and formic acid, carefully mix these ingredients and use for rubbing the lower extremities.

Get rid of excessive swelling of the feet will helpseeds of melon, from which you need to prepare a special tea: take four teaspoons of raw materials and steal them in one liter of boiled water for fifteen minutes. After that, we give tea another sixty minutes, and take half the glass six to eight times a day. The course of treatment is two to three weeks. It is also important to draw the readers' attention to the fact that such tea should be drunk hot.

Traditional medicine also points to thisAn excellent remedy for the control of leg edema as parsley seeds. One teaspoon of parsley seeds should be pounded first, then pour one liter of cold water. We leave it all for the night, in the morning we filter and take three tablespoons twice - three times a day.

Infusion of flowers cornflower - another meanstraditional medicine for the treatment of edema of the feet. Prepare this infusion is not difficult: take one teaspoon of dried flowers of this plant and steal them for sixty minutes in one glass of boiled water. In an hour, the infusion can be filtered and used for ingestion in the amount of two tablespoons three times a day for fifteen minutes before meals.

Before use, consult a specialist.

Zoya April 07, 2011 08:24

I also know one very good tool forstruggle with edema of the feet. I was told this recipe by one grandfather, who is keen on studying medicinal plants. He told me that it was flaxseed that perfectly removes edema, and he told me the recipe for cooking a special broth from it. Since then, this is my only salvation. My legs swell almost every day and all because at my job I have to be on heels. Well, nothing, this broth greatly facilitates my overall well-being.

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