Swollen legs after a hip fracture

Female 48 years.
Russia Kursk

3 months back after the fracture with the displacement of the right part of the right thigh, I underwent surgery and cemented the fracture with metal (DHS). at the present time, there is no longer any crevice in the fracture on the outside of the foot, but there is no fusion on the inside, but the gap has diminished. Last Thursday, December 20, 12, the attending physician said that one should already step on the foot and one crutch can already be removed, considering also that, according to him, the bone became lighter in the picture due to the long absence of load on the leg, and this is the beginning of osteoporosis. I began to walk around the apartment on 2 legs, while without sneakers it is painful to step on the heel, and since yesterday my leg began to swell. Can it still be too early to give a load to the leg or should I dose it somehow?