Swollen legs hurt walking

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Almost a year I'm engaged in fitness, I go togym, including, recently began to notice on the hips of small vessels. Often bruises appear on the legs, even from minor bruises. In addition, I have to sit long enough; I study in two institutions at the same time. Probably I very hypochondriac, but tell please please whether it can be the beginning of varicose veins. How to prevent it. Do physical activities, in particular fitness, contribute to the development of varicose veins. Thank you in advance.

Hello! Please help us in the next question. At mum varicose phlebectasia. We are going to the New Year to Israel with a stop at the Dead Sea. In one place I found varicose in the list of contraindications. In the other, on the contrary, they offer treatment. Still others offer cosmetics for treatment of varicose on the basis of mud, water, minerals of the Dead Sea. We were also recommended for treatment and rest in Israel in Eilat. So I did not figure out whether she could try.

Hello! 2 months ago to me operation on excision of veins on the bottom extremity has been made. I have 2 scars that I do not like. Tell me, please, than it is better to lubricate, so that they become less noticeable. Can I start going to the solarium? How effective is the compression jersey? Thank you!

Prompt please, our doctors in a polyclinicdo not want to heal, brush away. I have a strong weakness, shaking the whole body, shortness of breath, headache, sometimes pain in the liver, sometimes constipation and I can not go to the toilet, and sometimes a mildly stooly stool. I often go to the toilet, gas formation, bloating, and rumbling. I lost my appetite, I began to eat less, eat and feel that my stomach is full. All this appeared, immediately, in the region of the liver numbness is unclear why. I went to the polyclinic, but.

Good afternoon! My mother (49 years) had lymphostasis for 8 years. Erysipelas on the right foot of the bullous form was stopped two weeks ago. How long will the redness go and what to do with it? What should I do with my leg swelling?

Hello, the day before yesterday I bathed, sunbathed. Burned, got sunburn. All the same to the pain, but the feet, feet are very swollen, swollen, and terribly painful, I can not walk. The first time this happened. What to do, tell me.

Hello. I'm 22 years old, sometimes veins start to act on my arms and legs (sometimes after loads, sometimes for unknown reasons). Other complaints are not present (there is a dystonia - I do not know, whether it is connected). When I was on a medical examination in a small local hospital - the surgeon advised me for prevention once a year for a month 2 times a day to take Detralex. Should I now take it? If so, 2 times a day or one? Or 2 times a day - within 15 days? Or it is better to make as the surgeon has told or said?

Hello. I've had a venous network between my leg and thigh for several years now. Somehow I never gave it much importance, but lately, I began to notice that it is getting bigger. To me 24 years I all life am actively engaged in sports, I go much. My work is a constant fast walking 10-15 hours a day. After very hard days of work, I always lift my legs up before going to bed. Legs into the cold pool, then immediately into the ice, and so 3-5 times. Please tell me the reasons.

I am 56 years old, I am constantly at sea, in theThe last 5 years are concerned about the feeling of cold in the soles of the feet, sometimes below the knees. With a long standing on your feet or walking, your legs become heavy and you feel a slight numbness in your limbs. The warmth is pleasant, the slightest cold or draft leads to this state. Even in summer I can not walk without socks. Visible damage to blood vessels is not visible.

Hello. I am 30 years old. I work at the computer 3-4 hours a day. Recently, I began to notice that the legs are sick in the calves by the end of the day and especially in the feet, even bake, and when I lie down too, what I want under cold water. Especially the pain intensifies after drinking a glass of beer, even nonalcoholic. Expressed varices do not, edema, too, may be slightly. A year ago I gave birth to a second child, recently, on ultrasound in a gynecologist, varicose veins are found in the uterus, can it be related? What is this disease and why is it small.

I am a disabled person of the 1st group (residual eventspoliomyelitis). In 2005, they recognized secondary paralysis and type 2 diabetes. A wheelchair. Legs are very swollen: lymphostasis. Whether it is possible to remove an edema and whether it is possible to do massage of feet at an edema?

Hello! I have swollen legs since my childhood (from 10 years). Periods - strongly, periods - no. Work in my last 15 years is sedentary. I move a little. I was treated to doctors, but some said that lymphatic vessels should be treated, others said it was because of transverse flatfoot. Legs mostly swelled in the ankles and feet. But the last two months are going on something terrible - they swell from the knees and down, even with folds. They began to whine and very heavy. To whom to address and how.

Hello! Six months ago, I received a phlebectomy. Can I start smoking and how does it affect my health? Thankful in advance for the answer!

Hello! 24.02.10 I had an operation to pull the superficial vein into the groin on the basis of a diagnosis - an acute ascending thrombophlebitis on the right thigh. After the operation, appropriate therapy was performed for 1.5 months. I almost always wear elastic stockings, but several times on a stretched vein in the lower and middle parts of the thigh were inflamed individual sites. Inflammations are quickly eliminated with a heparin ointment. Tell us please, is it normal, is it worth it.

I fly about 3 years, mainly on long-termflights of 5 - 13 hours, on calves have already noticed ragged veins, or I do not know what to call it, I write to you at night, because I can not fall asleep, my legs hurt, I can not find a position in a dream, that would somehow alleviate the pain already about a year I fly only in compression golf. I started to drink troxevasin, rub my feet with lyoton, and also take a tincture of horse chestnut for 15 cap 3 r.v. day + ascorutin. But his legs began to twist even more. In the instructions to.