Became swollen legs and hands

Female 43 years old.
Russia Moscow

Hello Andrey Rostislavovich. You still answered my next question. I was afraid that you would not answer. You answered my stone with my answers. I was afraid. that at the husband an ischemic stroke has occurred in a consequence of blow of a head about a wall. Some doctors still claim. that the stroke could provoke a stroke. for me there was a question. if provoked that why in a week there was an attack of an ischemic stroke. Next time you will write "Go to the psychiatrist yourself and calm down, what happened, what happened" and you will. probably, are right.
So I'm worried about him again. After 3 months, his arms and legs began to swell. The former physician from the hospital recommended for 1 month 2 times a week to drink "Hypothiazid". Now the puffiness was asleep. At such reception of diuretic it is necessary to accept potassium preparations. Thank you in advance.

Hello! At the grandmother after a stroke has amazed the right party or side (the arm or hand does not move, the leg moved a little), speech was gone. I moved about the apartment with a wand. Now she can not even milk to the end of the table (the right leg is swelling). When the grandmother lies, the leg of normal color and does not hurt, as soon as it sits down, for 5 minutes the leg swells and can not get up on it (it hurts heavily). Start lubricating with troxyvazine (2 days). The doctor can not wait. Please, tell me what to do?

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