Became strongly swollen feet what to do

at 39 weeks of pregnancy, the legs began to swell much. What to do.

  • Only birth will help.
  • Salts eat less, although you can not completely exclude it. MORE drink plain water from the filter, but not boiled.
Even me with strong edemas the doctor with a great apprehension prescribed a diuretic in a sparing dosage, for 3 days. It helped perfectly, edemas all descended, but here my legs drove (((</ li>
  • yes, there is no need to limit drinking, less than othersdrink better drink clean water. more lie, raising your legs higher, it happens, but make sure that the pressure was normal and an analysis of urine, but I think the doctors are monitoring this.
  • I tried to walk less and more often lay with a pillow under my feet.
  • Compression stockings buy. Before, during and after childbirth come in handy!
  • Gestosis is, what a lyoton, troesvazin and compote. If the swelling got out, then inside everything has swelled to the limit. Ask for a direction in the pathology of pregnancy in the maternity ward! These swelling should be chased.
  • to all of the above said troxevasin or leoton, but they will not swell much, suffer a week.
  • if only swelling (there is no increase in blood pressure and no protein in the urine) - then this is normal.
    at me personally edemas had all beremenost, and anything - the child healthy, and edemas have left right after sorts quickly
  • more rest, drink compotes from dried fruits.
  • Less to drink liquids, more often sit, that legs or foots were hardly above priests (a pillow podkladyvajte) Can diuretic that-n. have a drink (cranberries for example), excess fluid from the body will come out.
  • Yes, nothing will help you. only childbirth. I also had it. Bore and passed.
  • To give birth! :)
  • It's all right, drink more pure water. Strangely enough, but clean water expels excess fluid from the body, thus clearing.

    P.S. - Treatment of edema after childbirth is often not required, because as a result of labor generates a considerable amount of fluid accumulated during the entire period of bearing a child. By the way, for many young mothers is an amazing fact that after the births, swelling on the arms, legs, face and neck that accompanied them almost the entire pregnancy, were literally in a few days.

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