Swelling of the right leg cause

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Swelling of the legs in case of heart problems - Not unusual. However, edemas often speak about diseases of other organs and systems. What kind of disease is involved, when a patient describes the nature of edema, an experienced physician can determine, but you should not rely solely on his words-it is better to conduct a series of studies and see for yourself the localization causes of edema .

With heart disease, edema can occur in different parts of the body, depending on the affected area - for example, swelling of the right leg (and left, respectively, too, since with diseases of the heart, both legs swell ) speaks of a failure of the right ventricle of the heart, which is responsible for the induction of salts and fluid in the body. If the lungs swell. then this indicates a failure in the operation of the left ventricle of the heart.

At an early stage of the disease, edema appears on the legs. but soon begins to spread throughout the body, in the absence of treatment for this disease. But the problem is that we do not always draw attention to swelling. passed - and thank God, and they in the meantime pass into a chronic form. In addition, heart failure can not be started, which is usually done by patients, not paying attention to minor edema of the lower limbs. But this attitude is wrong, since swelling can be the first symptom - with the progression of the disease of symptoms will be greater, and it will be more difficult to treat them.

Edema at the beginning of the disease after rest quickly fall off. After a while they become larger, and in the late stages of the disease do not disappear even after rest. Edema of the right leg and edema of the left leg - this is only the beginning of puffiness, since a little later edema "Get" and to the hips. Other symptoms accompanying them are shortness of breath and fatigue. Heart failure is more clearly manifested later, so other signs are not immediately attached.

How to identify edema with heart failure?

They have the following prizes:

1. Edema of the right leg and edema of the left leg are located evenly;

2. Light swelling can disturb for weeks or even months - and then only about itself reports heart failure;

3. When pressing a finger on the edema appears a fossa. which slowly disappears;

4. The liver is enlarged (the liver is a large organ and the person sometimes physically feels its increase);

5. In severe cases, edema can spread throughout the body ;

6. Other symptoms of heart failure - tachycardia, dyspnea, pale skin, rapid fatigue (especially with exercise), cyanosis of lips (blue lips);

7. With proper treatment of heart failure, edema disappears.

Treatment of edema with heart failure

Treat swelling in the early stages it is possible with the help of folk methods of treatment, using baths, compresses. Very effective and useful massage. But in the later stages, when swelling is more pronounced, this is not enough.

The following groups of medications are prescribed

1. Diuretics (diuretics) that improve the outflow of fluids from the body - Furasemide, Piretanide, Torasemide. However, natural diuretics can also be used - decoctions of birch buds, decoction of parsley leaves, dandelion root, waltzel flowers. A fruit and vegetable diet helps, apple-curd fasting days are shown and cucumbers, pumpkins, and potatoes are baked.

2. Cardiac glycosides are herbal preparations that have a normalizing effect on the cardiovascular system, normalizing blood circulation, removing fluid from the body, thus relieving swelling.

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