Swelling of the legs with cancer

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Risk factors for education cancer It is established that one of the most significant risk factors cancer prostate gland are metabolic disorders. The relationship between the content of this factor and the risk cancer prostate gland is the most direct - more factor, more risk. Another condition conducive to development cancer prostate and a number of otherdiseases, are free oxygen radicals. Among nutrients that can help in the fight against free oxygen radicals and prevent development cancer the most studied are carotenoids, polyphenols and vitamin E. Lycopene reduces the risk of developing cancer prostate gland The most interesting natural component that "kills several birds with one stone" in reducing risk cancer prostate, is lycopene. This is one of the strongest substances with antioxidant properties, in two times more effective than beta-carotene, and 10 times than vitamin E. Studies conducted in 14,000 men showed that among those who adhered to these recommendations, cases cancer prostate gland was 40% less than among those who ate tomatoes only once a week. It turned out that the risk of development cancer prostate gland of all studied plant products statistically reliably affect only fresh tomatoes, tomato sauce and strawberries. Laboratory studies in cell cultures cancer prostate and animal experimentsshowed that lycopene is a very effective means of neutralizing oxygen radicals. On the other hand, it hinders the growth of the insulin-like factor responsible for development cancer prostate cancer. In experimental studies, tomato powder effectively suppressed the formation of tumor cells in animals, the nutrition of which was enriched with carcinogens (substances causing cancer). Among those who adhere to the so-called Mediterranean diet, characterized by an abundance of tomatoes and tomato-containing foods, treatment cancer prostate gland they are less likely than among men who do not have any food preferences. The prostate-specific agent is currently considered one of the most effective laboratory markers cancer prostate cancer. Maintaining a sufficient concentration of lycopene in the blood is useful not only in terms of reducing the risk of developing cancer prostate gland, but also to those patients whopass or have already been treated for this disease. Specialists note that the greater effect of lycopene shows precisely in the most aggressive forms cancer, prone to relapse, spread and metastasis. Development Risk Group cancer The risk group for cancer prostate gland, in the first place,determines the elderly age, the presence of chronic diseases of the prostate gland, the content of the prostate-specific antigen in the blood of a more established age standard. Currently, in the developed world, a whole medical field is developing intensively - the use of various nutrients (nutrients) for the prevention cancer among people at risk, as well as to improve the effectiveness of cancer treatment, prevent tumor recurrence and metastases.

Recently in Moscow for the first time in the CIS a seminar-conference on cancer kidney. The organizers of the event were the Bureau of Studies cancer kidneys (Moscow), the International Association for cancer The kidney and the American Cancer Society. This question was answered by opening the seminar, an oncologist, director of the Bureau of Studies cancer kidneys Ilya Timofeev. Those who smoke in two times symptoms are more common cancer kidneys than non-smokers. In the risk zone of kidney cancer, there are also people with high blood pressure, long-term dialysis (artificial kidney), working with chemicals, living in the territory contaminated with radionuclides after the Chernobyl accident, men (they have kidney cancer in two times more often women). In the presence of the above symptoms cancer kidneys new methods of examination allow you to quickly diagnose (ultrasound, computed tomography of the abdominal cavity, retroperitoneal space and small pelvis, chest.) and begin treatment cancer kidney. Treatment cancer Kidney The most effective method in the 1-3 stages cancer kidneys - surgical intervention. In other cases it is advisable to carry out treatment cancer kidneys immediately after diagnosis. Speakers at the seminar leading experts of the Cancer Research Center of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences told about the newest methods of surgical treatment cancer kidneys, including and when there are metastases in the adrenal glands, bones, lungs and other organs. about immunotherapy cancer, targeted therapy, etc. Cancer of the kidney, hope exists Research shows that in some patients 10 and more years after tumor removal cancer kidney development of kidney failure is possible.

Treatment cancer It is believed that treatment cancer hopeless business. Among the medicinal products used by generations of doctors of our kind, there are folk remedies cancer. It, the truth, difficult in preparation, but well helps or assists with treatment cancer 1 and 2 stages (cures almost completely. cancer Folk remedies This folk remedy is cancer removes toxins from the body, cleanses the blood andlymph, at the same time relieves some diseases of the cardiovascular system, promotes the healing of gangrene, cirrhosis, leukemia, thrombophlebitis, has a restoring and rejuvenating effect. The next step in the preparation of folk remedies cancer - manufacture of tincture. Folk remedy should be filtered and taken to the patient during treatment cancer according to the scheme. Thus, the "session" of treatment cancer will be 22 days. Full course of treatment cancer national means must be at least three during the year. If this tincture is used for the purpose of prevention cancer, one complete course per year is enough. three times a day for half an hour before meals for a month. In treatment cancer will help cold It is for certain that cancer is afraid of cold. Therefore it is very useful for cancer patients two times a day to take a contrast shower and do body massage with a towel, drink 1 liter a day kvass B. why not happen cancer heart.

Precautions in the treatment of limbostasis of limbs During treatment of lymphostasis arm should not be in the same uncomfortable position for a long time or be lowered down (knitting and sewing are desirable to be excluded). In case of damage arms Treatment with antiseptic solutions (iodine tincture, alcohol solution of brilliant green, hydrogen peroxide) is necessary. It is necessary to use daily a special cream for hands, Do not wear on this hand watches, rings, bracelets. 1-2 times a day, it is advisable to rub into the area of ​​a patient with lymphostasis arms and the shoulder girdle from the side of the affected cream, which can be prepared independently. It is necessary to exclude injections and pressure measurements at hand from the side of surgical intervention. Lymphostasis Treatment For lymphostasis, an ascending massage can be used for treatment arms (stroking in the direction of the armpit), use funds that improve venous outflow thereby excluding the appearance of lymphostasis.

And despite this, there are reports of the treatment of laryngeal papillomatosis with vaccines intended for immunization against cancer cervix.

Treatment of knee arthritis with folk remedies One time I was tormented by knee arthritis, crunching and swelling.

To withdraw puffiness and burning, you need a cabbage leaf.

Recently I read that tincture of calendula helps also in the treatment of liver diseases, with ulcers and spasms of the stomach and intestines, gastritis, skin diseases, burns and even with cancer early stage.