How to relieve cardiac swelling of the legs

Before removing the swelling of the legs, you need to find outthe cause of this phenomenon, so to speak. As far as my life experience permits, I can say that under the guise of puffiness it is possible to overlook lymphostasis, thrombophlebitis and I think also other diagnoses. Therefore, to begin with, after all, consult a vascular surgeon, a therapist, urologist or cardiologist. A puffiness at home can be removed with diuretics and the exclusion of salty and spicy dishes from the menu.

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Indeed, first you need to establish the cause of puffiness.

If it occurs, for example, from malnutrition and an overabundance of salt in the diet, then it is necessary to limit it, and, also, to limit the consumption of liquid.

Also exclude spicy, smoked, sausages, any canned food, sausages and sausages. (They also have a lot of salt!)

It is better not to use diuretic drugs, it is harmful.

It is better to eat natural products that contain a large amount of potassium, which removes excess water from the body and relieves swelling.

The diuretic effect is possessed by bananas, apples, potatoes, fresh cucumbers and tomatoes.

If swelling occurs due to varicose veins, then you need to take medications that strengthen the vessel wall like "Troxevasin," and swelling will disappear.

In case of heart disease, it is better to consult a specialist.

Because there are many reasons for edemas, the methods of theirRemedies will depend on the underlying cause that the doctor should establish (these may be abnormalities in the work of the heart, kidneys, vascular manifestations such as varicose veins and many more). At home, you can try contrasting foot baths. We take two basins into which your feet fit, one pour boiling water about 2 cm in height, the other - cold water, alternately lower your legs for 1-2 seconds in hot, then into cold water. That it was easier to do, put a chair and hold hands for his back, when the legs are lowered - raise. And you can try it in the morning without getting out of bed, bandaging your feet with an elastic bandage from the bottom upwards.

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If the whole day at work on your feet or wholethe whole day at a computer and the age not young puffiness can develop by the evening. In the morning itself passes. If to puffiness plus shortness of breath on the third floor-the first call, it's time to the local doctor. If the swelling of the legs and feet from the morning and bags under the eyes-suspicion of the kidneys, it's time too. A small puffiness of the feet and shins can be removed simply by lying down with raised legs: under the knee joints and shins, place the pillows, knees are half-bent, the hips at an angle to the pelvis. The muscles of the legs should relax. It does not help, it's time again. With diuretic do not rush, there are their nuances.

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There are special means - venotonics, theynormalize venous outflow from the lower extremities. It is better to use natural means. For example, an extract of red grapes in capsules or a wax Gamelis Mospharma. But it is best to see a doctor for examination and to find out the causes of edema

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