Health puffiness of the legs

Many experience severe discomfort associated withedema of the feet. Usually this happens in the evening, after a day's work. However, often enough swelling has a stable tendency, and even after an overnight rest they do not subside. The causes of swelling of the legs may be different, but one of the most common is varicose veins.

Causes of leg edema

As a result of vascular disease, varicose veinsto start early enough. Often even young people suffer from this disease. Expanded veins can not cope with the strong pressure of blood. Begins its stagnation in the affected vessels, as a result, conditions for normal blood flow through the human body deteriorate. Most often, the onset of this disease is associated with hereditary diseases of the vascular system.
However, most women show signs of varicose veins after childbirth.

Edema can appear for other reasons:

  • sedentary or standing work;
  • permanent physical exertion on the legs, also affect swelling. In professional athletes, this disease is often found at a young age;
  • in almost 100% of complete people, there are strong swelling of the legs due to a huge load on them;
  • According to recent data, hormonal drugs can cause swelling;
  • swelling of the legs may occur during menopause.

Prevention and treatment of swelling of the feet

If you want to reduce swelling of the legs, then first of all you should quit smoking. nicotine has a strong negative effect on the human vascular system.

In case of non-neglect of the disease,Try to get rid of permanent swelling without going to the doctor. After a working day, you should perform a series of exercises that reduce muscle tension and disperse stagnant blood:

  1. Sitting on a chair, place your legs wide and try to sort them out as quickly as possible. Imagine that you are a centipede.
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  • Stand on the threshold or step (to the very edge)and try to rock back and forth, while maintaining balance. First you can hold on to something with your hands, until you learn to do the exercise without support.
  • Try to lift small objects from the floor with your toes. It can be a pen or, which is quite difficult, a coin.
  • To remove puffiness of the feet, daily baths with sea salt and various herbs help.
  • In the evening, in front of the TV, try to lift your legs as high as possible. They should be located above your head, so it's convenient to do lying.
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    If you can reduce the swelling of the legs, performingthe above recommendations, then do not go to the doctor. Otherwise, it is better to go for a consultation with a specialist, since permanent swelling can lead to serious consequences, up to surgical intervention.

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