Swelling of the legs by evening

But swelling is different. If there was a puffiness in the evening from fatigue of feet or because of shoes (very high heel or vice versa quite flat), then this is normal. But the swelling of the legs can be for more serious reasons. Edema can be a consequence of diseases of internal organs. Cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the intestines, kidneys, liver, flat feet, metabolic disorders, excess weight, varicose veins - all these are the causes of edema. With varicose veins, edema is worse when in an upright position. In the morning, they may not be, and by the evening the legs swell. This is due to a violation of blood outflow and increased hydrostatic pressure in the veins.

So you have to watch for yourself, notice thatbothers: heart, liver, intestines, kidneys, do not waste time, contact the therapist, and he will refer to a narrow specialist (cardiologist or nephrologist, or gastroenterologist, surgeon, etc.). To combat swelling there are many means: herbs, ointments or creams for the feet. Medicated remedies only as prescribed by the doctor. And, of course, as you were recommended, baths and gymnastics for the feet. I recommend the foot bath of broth of herbs: alternating, chamomile, juniper, mint, birch leaves. We put the herbs in a saucepan, pour boiling water, boil for 15 minutes, then insist 15-20 minutes, then we dilute with water 36`-38`С. Lower your legs into the basin with water for 3-5 minutes, and you can longer. When edema of the feet should be observed drinking regime. We make broths and infusions of diuretic herbs: bearberry, horsetail, mountaineer bird, parsley curly. With puffiness of the legs, all exercises are effective, as well as health running, swimming, biking, or the simplest: go up and go down the stairs, not on an elevator.

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Olga Vitalievna is absolutely right, but howlook at this pitiţa, and you want to spit on those feet. Is it all days of just kicking and hugging? There are also methods much easier and more efficient. Smart people constantly think and develop more and more and, for sure, there is something that you can also ease the condition of your feet in a matter of minutes. I will not paint my method, because it is connected with network marketing, and some people perceive it as advertising. I recommend starting with a pharmacy. Go to the nearest one and ask for recommendations.

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