Elimination of swelling of the feet

Once the doctor is on the site, then the boom is treated :-)))

If the swelling increases in the evening and under the load - heart or venous. Venous have a bluish tinge. The last - it is necessary to go to the surgeon though.

Kidney first thing appear on the face, legs are already late stages.

With a lack of protein, which is often the case with cirrhosis of the liver. But I think that if you had it, you already knew it.

Elephoid - lymphostasis - a special case, here edemasDo not change back and forth, but grow year after year. It happens rarely and they have a specific kind, edemas are very tight, they are not pressed well and then return "badly" when you release it.

Myxedema edema (lack of functionthyroid gland). At the same time there will be a long sleep (for 12-14 hours), a weak appetite and at the same time growing weight, lethargy, severe freezing. In general, the picture is very specific and is rare.

Most often on the legs are heart swelling.

Not to experiment with heavyresults, if there is no possibility to go to the doctor, you can use modern drugs with weak side effects. For example, triphas (long acting torasemide). Harm from it is much less than from the old furosemide, side effects are rare, and the liquid expels only superfluous, depends how much you drink liquids. Other diuretics are driven and unnecessary, then the person has leg cramps, thirst, arrhythmias, etc. Here, I can give patients to the trifas by phone (so far only it is the only one). The rest would not be played.

Well, in the end, it's best to go to the doctor. -)

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Many thanks for the detailed answer. And howit is reasonable to take a triphas with arrhythmia (which is a contraindication for trifas) Maybe a week, then a break or else how to play it softly on yourself? - over a year ago

Of course, first of all you must first understand the reasonswelling of your feet. There can be many; diseases of the kidneys, heart, veins. Or just fatigue, uncomfortable shoes. BUT if your legs swell. Consult a doctor, let you exclude all diseases. And so at home in the evening you should as often as possible / longer to lie with your feet to the top. Plus, you can smear your feet with a lyoton. But other than this, there is no self treatment, especially diuretics of various kinds.

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thanks for the advice, + - 2 years ago

first you need to establish the cause of puffinesslegs, and then treat. Factors causing edema on the legs are a heap: the pathology of the heart, kidneys, veins of the lower extremities, lifestyle, vascular abnormalities, and so on. my advice is to go to a cardiologist, a therapist and, if necessary, a vascular surgeon.

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To help your legs, you need to find out the reason why they swell. This issue is very serious and we need a specialist consultation.

But to at least somehow help the legs can dothe following: in the evening, raise your legs higher, so that there is an outflow of blood and so lie down for a few minutes. You can make foot bathtubs. You can, if it's winter time to run barefoot in the snow.

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