Foot swelling causes in women folk remedies

Edema is a rather unpleasant phenomenon. However, this is not a disease in itself, but one of the manifestations, signs of a certain disease. Naturally, there are a number of reasons why you get leg swelling.

Reasons for swelling of the legs:

1) Quite often the reason is a way of lifeman, most often incorrect, since he led to edema. If you are inactive, lead a sedentary lifestyle (especially if you are sitting in soft and low furniture), cross your legs, then most often this is the cause of stagnation of lymph and blood. This causes swelling. And it happens not only when it's summer and heat in the street.

2) Incorrect shoes can also lead to swelling. Reduction of the gastrocnemius muscle contributes to the outflow of blood and lymph. If you wear shoes with high heels, these muscles are practically not involved, so they do not work, and this can provoke swelling.

3) If your work is very tense in the physicalplan (that is, if there is a big load on the legs), if you spend a lot of time on your feet, this is also the cause of this ailment.

4) Often, swelling occurs during pregnancy, especially in the first and last trimester.

5) The most common cause of edema is overweight.

6) Well, the disease itself. The appearance of edema is affected by diseases such as diseases of the cardiovascular system and kidneys, thrombosis, varicose veins, flat feet, venous insufficiency. If swelling occurs in the area of ​​the ankles, then this indicates heart failure. In older women with a lack of congenital heart disease, edema can occur with the cause of heart disease. If edema occurs in young people, then this indicates a disease of the blood vessels. One of the most common causes of this type of edema is smoking.

Why the legs swell during pregnancy.

Quite often during pregnancy ariseedema. But do not panic. At least once in the whole pregnancy this phenomenon is observed in any pregnant woman. It is necessary to worry only when this phenomenon is of a permanent nature. This phenomenon is often called dropsy of pregnant women. Western scientists hold the opinion that there is nothing to be done if edema is not accompanied by any other signs of the disease (for example, a protein in the urine). And our experts believe that even if the edema is not accompanied by any other signs, sooner or later these signs will still arise, so you do not need to be led to extremes. And it can manifest itself completely differently - swelling can occur not only on the legs, but also on the hands, face, waist, abdominal wall, it becomes difficult to move, bend, even the eyelids begin to swell. In such cases, pregnant women gain from twenty kilograms in weight.

Treat this phenomenon in pregnant women fairlydifficult, in view of the fact that she is also responsible for the condition of the fetus. It is much easier to prevent it. Many doctors believe that the reason for the excessive use of liquid, but this is often not the case. Studies have shown that the cause is the deposition in the body of sodium, which accumulates salt and attracts thereby the liquid. Therefore, it is necessary to limit not the flow of water, but the flow of salt into your body. Do not completely abandon this product, just a little limit it - such products as smoking, pickles, marinades and fast food do not necessarily take in a pregnant state. Only temporarily rejecting these products, you will find a quieter course of pregnancy and peace of mind for the health of the child.

However, preventing dropsy is not at all the samethe same as her treatment, keep this in mind. If you already treat it, then you just need to reduce the amount of incoming fluid in the body (by the way, you need to control any liquid, including not only water, but soup, vegetables and fruits, etc.). Do not use diuretics on your own. Only after you talk with your doctor, because they wash out all the calcium supplies from the body, and he is responsible for the formation of the skeleton of the baby.

Treatment of edema of the feet with folk remedies.

The treatment of edema is continuously associated with the cause of theiroccurrence. In the event that you have orthopedic swelling, you just need to find the right shoes. These shoes must meet certain requirements, except for convenience - a low heel, the lack of a heel is also not welcome, loose and wide shoes (the foot and fingers should be in a natural position).

Experts advise to avoid swelling of the feetby wearing varicose hosiery - such as compression socks and tights. Such linen helps to stay in the vascular tone, prevents stagnation of blood, will contribute to the outflow of blood. And stockings are absolutely undesirable, because they pinch the veins of the femoral part of the legs, so give your preference to golf or tights.

Attach a little of your own efforts - do not drinka lot of liquid after seven o'clock in the evening, try to remove excess liquid by means of herbal infusions (however it should be very careful if you are pregnant - only with the permission of the doctor, because different herbs can act differently on pregnant women, from light dizziness before premature birth).

The following diuretics will help:decoctions of birch leaves, from her kidneys, from lime flowers, from extracts of field horsetail. We will tell you the way of preparing this infusion - for example, take two or three tablespoons of spores, as much horsetail, as many birch buds. All thoroughly mix and separate a teaspoon of this herbal mixture. Boil the water and pour the herb with one glass. To insist half an hour, then strain and drink three days, with breaks for one day, one tablespoon three times a day after meals. The course should be observed for about three weeks.