Swollen legs of varicose feet pain

Heparin ointment, which improves blood circulation, dissolves microscopic blood clots, has anti-inflammatory effect;
"Essaven gel" helps strengthen the walls of capillaries and veins, also helps blood circulation and eliminates microthrombi;
"Venitan", which includes extract from horse chestnut, well strengthens the walls of capillaries and veins;
"Troxevasit has an anesthetic and cooling effect, at the same time strengthening the walls of capillaries and veins .

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I woke up in the middle of the night. temperature, legs swollen to impossible. She was smeared with ointment under the bandages, fell over to the tops of her legs, I would not fall asleep again.

Ira 70 --- 54 ---- kg
Aim of 48 kg
Grouse 150 cm

Try to perform most of the household work sitting.Relax with a pillow or roller under your elbows (watch TV, talk on the phone, read) - for 15-20 minutes several times a day.Raise the foot end of the bed: slip under the mattress folded several times a blanket or pillow or install under the rear legs of bars 5-6 in height.Forget the hot tub, sauna and sauna.Pour your feet with cool water 1-2 times a day. With a thin stream from the hose or shower, "walk" first from the fingers to the heels, then up the gastrocnemius muscle to the knee cavity one by one, then the other, lastly - on the front side of each leg alternately from the fingers on the rise to the knee.Get rid of excess weight.Do not lift the gravity: bring the products from the store in a bag on wheels or order them on the house.Do not wear tight, pulling clothes, tight shoes: such equipment squeezes the veins of your legs and disrupts blood circulation.Regularly wear special stockings or tights,fixing vessels and allowing to reduce the burden on the veins: modern knitwear is quite aesthetic and is represented by the widest range of models and colors of various densities, with the distribution of pressure, for women or for men.

Assume an aristocratic manner to sit on a chair -it is least burdensome for veins. A democratic pose with crossed legs, thrown over one another, disrupts the blood circulation in the popliteal fovea of ​​the one that lies on top and the front surface of the hip that has assumed its weight.Equip the workplace with comfort for the veins. Well, if the desk and the computer table have an oblique crossbar for the feet, like the desk; if it is not, you can put your feet on a low bench.Do not let your feet get numb when you sit. Often move them: chatter, pull, pull aside, open and close the knees, rotate the feet clockwise and against it 15-20 times.Get up from the chair every 25-30 minutes to walk around the room, do a few leg exercises, or walk a couple of floors up the stairs.Familiarity from film-movies is the habit of Americanssit with his feet on the desktop, goes beyond the standard of office etiquette, but extremely useful. If you can afford it, use it more often.

Spend a vacation on the river bank or by the sea. In the morning and in the evening, when not too hot, walk barefoot on the grass, sand, pebbles, the edge of the surf.Do not abuse tan and more timespend in the shade: the heat acts on the veins destructively, ultraviolet rays reduce the elasticity of tissues and venous walls, and a golden tan can not mask the blue capillary nets.Daily treat the feet, legs and thighsproducts that strengthen the tone of the veins and their resistance to adverse effects - tonic gel, spray or foot cream, which can be picked up in a pharmacy without a prescription.

Do not put heavy bags on your knees and do not planton the knees of children who have left infancy. In transport, circus, theater, buy a kid a ticket, even if the rules allow it to be held for free. In those hours that the child held in your arms, the veins worked to wear.To reduce the risk of varicose veinsminimum, during pregnancy wear an individually selected bandage for the abdomen, as well as special stockings or tights from compression knitwear. These stockings or elastic bandages should be on your feet during childbirth.

Ira 70 --- 54 ---- kg
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With vitamin E, do not overdo it. And in no way buy into AEVIT, even if the doctor prescribed. Throughout the world, the release of drugs with such concentrations is prohibited. Monthly norm in one capsule. Go to the slaughter.

Now, this is what you're talking about! That's right you.

Tocopherol (vitamin E) for immunity

Tocopherol (vitamin E) is also afat-soluble. This substance is involved in the development of specific antibodies that fight viruses. With a deficiency of vitamin E, the immune system fails. This substance enters our body with products such as eggs, milk, vegetable oil, greens, liver, meat.

Ira 70 --- 54 ---- kg
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I bought myself such tabletochki and ointment special, smeared with ointment, and opa-opa legs of the hay are almost not swollen in the morning.
R.S. tabletochku current Senya will prinemat, and so it's osem ointment.

I have varicose veins ((

Prevention of varicose veins / Diet
Start the meal with a plate of vitamin salad: for example, white cabbage, carrots, sweet pepper with herbs and parsley sprinkled with lemon juice, and sunflower oil. Filling the stomach, this dish creates a feeling of satiety, and contains a maximum of vitamins that strengthen the walls of the veins, as well as vegetable fiber, which improves the functioning of the intestine.
Switch to light side dishes: try to make it so that they contain more fiber and nutrients, and if you are overweight - fewer calories. Instead of high-calorie fried potatoes and no less burdensome for the figure of vermicelli, prepare a vegetable stew. Slice 2 half-rings of half-ring fry in vegetable oil.

Clean the zucchini medium size, cutslices, put on a frying pan and mix. Cut 5-6 tomatoes, put on top of zucchini and salt to taste. Simmer on low heat - first under the lid, and when the vegetables are drowned in sauce, without it, to evaporate the liquid.

Take multivitamins with calcium, iron andother microelements - their lack can provoke fluid stagnation in the body and increased edema, night convulsions and other manifestations of the syndrome of chronic fatigue.

Limit salt intake - t. its excessive amount in food prevents the excretion of fluid and intensifies swelling.

Drink green tea - they say, thanks tothe traditional predilection for this drink people in the east live longer, are less burdened with excess weight and less often other people suffer from varicose veins. Tea ceremony in the Land of the Rising Sun is filled with a special spiritual content and complex philosophical symbols, but in fact the process of its preparation is no different from the generally accepted canon. A few pinch of green tea leaves are brewed with boiling water, insist 7-10 minutes and poured into cups. However, participants in the drinking ritual make all this extraordinarily beautiful and touching, drink a healing drink slowly, in small sips and at the same time think of something sublime. Psychologists believe that this is the main secret of Japanese health.

Prepare desserts so that they do not damage the waistline, give preference to fruits - they contain fewer calories and are rich in the necessary vitamins, microelements and fiber.

Try to clearly share for yourself what is useful and what is not for the veins, and give preference to the first:

Sources of vitamin E, giving the veins elasticity, are germinated grains of rye and wheat, soy, peas, beans, lentils, lettuce, green onions, liver, egg yolk, corn, olive and soybean oil.
Foods rich in vitamin C, which makesveins strong, - rose hips, sweet pepper, sea buckthorn, black currant, cabbage, tomatoes, strawberries, gooseberries, parsley, dill, citrus fruits, potatoes.
Fruit desserts, jam and drinks containingvitamin P (rutin), strengthening the venous walls and valves, it is rich in rosehip, lemons, oranges, grapefruits, mountain ash, black currant, walnuts and tea.
Sour cherry varieties and dark cherry varieties,rich in special substances - bioflavonoids, which give the berries a juicy maroon, ruby ​​or red color. 20 berries a day - an effective means of preventing varicose veins. Bioflavonoids dissolve thrombi more actively than aspirin, and facilitate the movement of blood through the veins.
Seafood - oysters, mussels, shrimps, crabs,lobsters, octopus, squid, as well as lamb kidney and beef liver. They contain a lot of copper, necessary for the work of enzymes that synthesize elastin. This structural protein of connective tissue does not allow the venous walls to "creep" under the pressure of blood, forming varicose nodules.
Vegetables, fruits, bran - vegetable fiber, which causes the intestine to work as a clock and prevent constipation from the "uninjured" veins.
Juice, mors, kvass, compote, tea - at least 1.5-2 liters per day: if the body receives little liquid, the blood becomes viscous, which makes it difficult to move through the veins and increases the load on them.

Fat, flour and sweet for those that easily gain weight or already have extra pounds.
Meat boiled broths, jellies, marinades, smoked products, canned foods - these products indirectly contribute to the destruction of venous walls and valves.
Coffee (no more than 1-2 cups a day and better with milk).
Alcoholic beverages and especially beer, because it causes fluid retention in the body and increases the burden on the veins.

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Varicose veins? No, I have not heard!

Varicose veins in recent years are veryand became very common. Previously, it was considered a disease of the elderly. Today it is not so. Even young people and girls 20-25 years old are susceptible to this disease. The reasons can be very different. But most likely - early hypodynamia. However, there are ways to help yourself.

According to the doctors-phlebologists (this is howcalled experts in varicose veins), self-diagnosis is the first and most effective step on the way to combat a serious problem. And do not underestimate its scale. From varicose is very close to the deadly thrombophlebitis. Therefore, phlebologists call: as soon as they discover signs of developing disease, take action. And then, of course, it's important not to make a mistake with the diagnosis. If your puffiness is accompanied by a vascular network or characteristic "asterisks", alas, you can almost with absolute certainty diagnose a varicose disease and act urgently.

By the nature of origin, and therefore, byways to combat them, edema is divided into those that are caused by varicose veins, and those that are the result of kidney or heart disease. And if in the first case venous blood stagnates in the lower limbs, then in the second case, excess fluid accumulates. Thus - and this should be specially emphasized - diuretic preparations are good only when the puffiness arises as a result of renal or cardiovascular pathology. Against varicose edema they will not help.

Complex therapy (venotonics, ointments, gels) andphysiotherapy (daily contrast showers and long walks at a comfortable pace), as well as special gymnastics (exercises with a lift to the socks) give excellent results.

However, most of us are limited only toointments and gels, which only temporarily relieve painful symptoms, but do not solve the main problem - do not improve the condition of the walls of venous vessels, nor contribute to the normalization of blood circulation. The fact is that the main effect of external agents (ointments and gels) is cosmetic, cooling, because through the skin their active substances penetrate in very small amounts.

To achieve maximum and fastthe result of the basic medicines and local remedies should be combined with the support of veins from the inside. Excellent support can be provided by flavonoids diosmin and hesperedin - a long and positively proven combination of active substances. They were first isolated from citrus fruits about twenty years ago. And more recently on their basis there was a new preparation "Venarus" which prevents expansion of walls of vessels, improves microcirculation and thus helps to eliminate edema and feeling of heaviness in the legs. Doctors recommend taking venotonicks in courses for two months twice a year.

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When the temperature on the street is very high, what can be more pleasant than quenching thirst with a few sips of life-giving moisture?

- In order to feel comfortable in the summer,it is necessary to constantly fill the lack of fluid. The minimum to maintain a normal water balance is 1.5 liters at an average air temperature of 21 degrees, 1.9 liters at a temperature of 26 degrees and 3 liters at a temperature of 32 degrees, explains Tatyana Tatyana, head of the laboratory of arterial hypertension, RSPC Cardiology. Nechesova. - However, there is a misconception that people with high blood pressure should limit the intake of fluids. This is not true! If there is no edema and you do not suffer from heart failure, you need to drink more in the heat.

But it is necessary to take into account the fact thatliters also includes water, juices, soups, "hidden" liquid, contained in fruits and vegetables. In addition, water enters our body not only from the outside, but also is formed by digesting food. For example, 100 g of fats give, during oxidation, 107 g of water, 100 g of carbohydrates or proteins.

In summer, a person sweats more, loses fluid, andtherefore, the amount of blood circulating in the vessels decreases, especially in the elderly. Because of the reduction in volume, it thickens, additional conditions are created for thrombosis. And this is the most frequent cause of complications during a heat stroke and a heart attack.

- the main part of the water we lose, of course, through the kidneys in the form of urine - about 1.5 liters per day;

- with then leaves 300-600 ml;

- almost 400 ml is exhaled through the lungs;

- 200 ml is lost through the intestine.


The World Health Organization recommendsCalculate the need for water based on body weight. So, an adult healthy person, according to the WHO's opinion, needs 30 ml of fluid per day for each kilogram of weight. For people with underweight, there is another formula - 100 ml per kg for the first 10 kg of weight, 50 ml for the next 10 kg and 15 ml for kg - for the rest of the weight.


However, you need to consider that in the heat can easilyto gain not only pure and cool drinking water, but also herbal and green tea, compotes without sugar. It is known that Southerners in the heat drink only hot green tea. The miraculous thirst action of the drink is based on tannins. They increase the activity of salivary glands, increase salivation. This helps to reduce the feeling of thirst.

In the summer, sweating, a person loses besides many salts, so his health worsens. That's why experts recommend drinking brackish mineral water.

And how to understand, your body needs inmake-up or not? He, it turns out, knows how to signal, demanding to pay attention to his state. There was a feeling of dryness of mucous membranes? Was sudden fatigue overtaken? Do you feel a rush of blood to your face? Became irritable? Lowered attention? All these are signs of a defensive reaction of the body to a lack of water. You are given a signal that the balance is broken. So, it's time to fill up the losses.

In the heat, especially with excessive allocationfluid through the skin, the necessary content of potassium and magnesium in the blood decreases, and this leads to a violation of the rhythm of the heart. Usually this happens to people who are prone to violating the water-electrolyte balance. In elderly people, the level of potassium, which is very important for maintaining the rhythm of the heart, is also often reduced, and doctors quite often prescribe medications containing it. Even in young people who have normal potassium and magnesium in normal weather, it can sharply decrease in the heat, which is also fraught with serious consequences.

Nutritionists have found that inadequate water intake can cause headache, fatigue, absent-mindedness, memory impairment, and reduced intellectual activity.

However, experts emphasize that not every drink can quench your thirst well. For example, in the heat it is better to forget about cold drinks altogether, because they do not quench their thirst, but only intensify them.

Scientists have found that water is not onlythirst, but also prevents severe illnesses. For example, those who drink 1.5-2 liters of water per day are 45 percent less likely to have cancer of the digestive tract and 50 percent are bladder cancer. In addition, it was proved that the risk of oncological diseases of the breast is also decreasing.

And one more interesting fact. According to some reports, over 60 years of life a person drinks 50 cubic meters of water - this is the volume of a single railway tank.

If you still decided to use in the heatalcohol, then follow the simple rules: by no means in the sun, in addition, in a very moderate amount. At the same time, a glass of water should be followed by a glass of wine or a cocktail. A cold beer, which is so fond of sipping on hot days, many men, provokes increased work of the excretory system and additional fluid loss with urine. This drink only creates the illusion of quenching thirst, and does not saturate the body with the amount of water that is so necessary for it.

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Tense everyday life and tight shoes are not the bestaffect the health of our feet. A frequent companion of fatigue is swelling of the legs. To combat this unpleasant symptom, the industry produces a large number of different medications. However, I do not always want to swallow "chemistry". In this case, you can use the people's councils.

Foot baths are one of the mosteffective remedies that help restore muscle tone to the calf muscles and strengthen the capillary system. In a large bowl you should pour about 3 liters of warm water, dissolve in it a handful of table salt and a tablespoon of soda. Lower legs for 15-20 minutes.

Excellent relieves fatigue contrast bath. For this procedure, two bowls are needed. In one pour hot water (about 50o), in the other - cold. Alternately lower the legs into one and the other bowl, in hot water linger about 3 times longer. Finish the procedure with cold water.

After each bath in the muscles of the legs massage massage nourishing cream.

Massage has an excellent relaxing effectfeet. It should be guided from the feet to the knees, massaging with light movements of the muscle. Then rub each finger. In the end, you need to massage the entire foot with gentle movements and smooth the gentle movements to complete the massage procedure.

To reduce swelling in the legs,work day to lie down a little with raised legs. Also, experts recommend that you move more during the day. If the work forces you to be in a sitting position, you should find at least a little time to walk, stretch the swollen muscles. In addition, you should change your pose more often, do not sit, throwing your foot on your leg.

With great attention is to take the choiceshoes. It should be as comfortable as possible, do not compress your foot. Refuse better and from a high heel. Dress it should be in exceptional cases not more often 3-4 times a week.

Pay attention to your diet. If possible, exclude salt from it and limit the amount of salt products. Enter into your daily diet should be spicy herbs, green vegetables, green onions, parsley. It is also not recommended to drink plenty of water or tea just before bedtime.

For those who suffer from varicose veins,Before going outdoors in sunny weather, you should lubricate your skin with sunscreen. The sun adversely affects the condition of the veins, making them weak. As a result, the metabolism is broken and legs can swell.

These tips can be used in the event that,if there are no serious diseases that provoke the development of edema. Otherwise, you should consult a doctor for advice. Do not self-medicate. After all, the beauty and health of our feet depends on our care and attention.

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How to deal with this summer (and not only) misfortune and what can and can not be eaten, we will try to find out in this article.

In order for your legs to be healthy and slim, take the rule for 15 minutes to lie on your back, lifting them up.

The best diuretic is pure drinking water withoutgas. And if a person drinks enough water, it's water, swelling is rare. After all, what is swelling? This is the accumulation of water in the intercellular space. Most often it occurs precisely because of the thirst of the cell, when the body, experiencing a lack of moisture, by any means tries to retain the life-giving liquid. Therefore, the best fight against edema in a healthy person is a sufficient intake of water. That is, at least - a liter and a half a day.

First of all edema can persecute peoplejust not quite healthy - hypertensive people, people with kidney problems, venous disease. Excess weight also contributes to this problem. If swelling does not go away for a long time, be sure to show your doctor, especially since they can signal serious illnesses.

But in the summer and a healthy person can beproblems - we drink a lot of fluids, women love high heels, and sometimes after walks we get tired more than usual. Then swelling can appear not only on the feet, but even on the hands (when it is impossible to remove the ring). Fortunately, a healthy person to get rid of this scourge is quite simple - enough to make a cool bath for the feet and hands in the evening (you can add sea salt). And in the daytime - throw your feet on the dais. And even better - for a couple of days after the "fatherly" evening, give up the hairpins.

It is advisable to limit the spicy and fried foods ifyou are prone to swelling, and also do not drink much before bedtime - maximum one hour before bedtime. Eat more greens (especially parsley), vegetables and fruits. Well remove swelling of cherries and cherries, as well as sorrel. Helps boiled (only not very salty) rice.

By the way, in spite of the fact that coffee and tea is taken out ofof the body water, in the heat of their drinking is not recommended - they cause thirst, which you want to drink a lot and often. It is better to drink lime tea - he not only struggles with swelling, but with extra pounds. On a mug of boiled water you need to take 15 grams (two teaspoons) of lime flowers. Drink 20-30 minutes before eating. It helps not only to withdraw excess fluid, but also facilitates the digestion of food. But do not forget that lime tea is a strong diuretic! After it is better not to walk far from home.


1. If in the place of edema (more often on legs) the skin is red and it hurts - it is a symptom of thrombophlebitis. Seem to the phlebologist.

2. If the tibia often swells, but does not blush, do not hurt, soft and warm to the touch - the likelihood of developing varicose veins is high.

3. If the swelling gets swollen - go up from the lower leg to the knees and up, become cyanotic or pale, cold to the touch - urgently to the doctor! This is a sign of heart failure. And if you begin to torture shortness of breath - even more quickly run to the cardiologist.

4. Swelling on the face often occurs in the morning, if the evening drank a lot - water or something stronger. But if the skin in the area of ​​the edema is dry and seemingly pale, and the swelling itself seems to float over the face, it is a matter of the kidneys. It's time to the nephrologist.

Ira 70 --- 54 ---- kg
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Grouse 150 cm

Foot care in summer heat

What to do if your legs swell in the heat, and after long walks become very tired and seem to buzz? To give them attention and reward for their everyday work!

As soon as they came from the street and took off their shoes,allow yourself to lie on the couch for 5-10 minutes, placing an ankle or high pillow under your ankles. Make sure that your feet are above your head. Thus, the blood flow in the lower extremities will be restored (the blood will "pour out" from the legs).

Do not get up from the couch, do a fewExercises: bend and unbend your toes, rotate your feet. Turning your feet towards each other, hit them (like clapping your hands, only not with your hands).

Rid of swelling and heaviness in the legs

There is a technique used by models afterlong trainings and defile. These are contrasting foot baths. Pour in a single basin of cool water (not icy!), And in another - warm (not very hot!) And lower the legs alternately, then one, then another. Baths can be replaced with a contrast shower, changing the water in it from warm to cool and vice versa, and watering their feet. In 4-5 minutes they will restore lymph and blood circulation, legs will come in a tonus.

By the way, contrast baths (or shower) are excellentstrengthen the walls of blood vessels, which means that it is a good prevention of varicose veins. Keep in mind that a steady feeling of heaviness in the legs, aggravated in the evening, may be the first symptom of it.

Dilute in a basin of water comfortable for yourselftemperature (someone likes a cool, and someone is hot). Add in it sea salt, a few drops of essential oils to your taste and herbal extracts. Fatigue well removes the tray with pine extract, and the most suitable oils are those that have a slight cooling effect, - oils of the retiver, lemon balm, peppermint, lavender, orange, etc.

If your heels have cracks, and the skin of the feet is too dry, you can add a little fatty cream or honey to the water (literally 2-3 tsp).

Help to get rid of edema warm baths with decoctions of lime, nettle and chamomile, with essential oil of cypress and rosemary.

The time for a relaxing bath is 8-10 minutes. Treat the legs with pumice or scrub, rinse them with clean cool water and apply coconut or olive oil on the feet (and, in principle, anyone can). Slightly massage and put on cotton socks.

If the legs experience bliss, swelling and heaviness are gone, you can stop here. But if you want to achieve maximum effect from the procedures, you can continue ...

Apply the foot cream on your feet and up,grabbing his knees. Massive circular movements should move from the stop up. It is better to do the massage in stages: firstly the feet (usually they are massaged with the thumbs of the fingers, paying attention to each toe of the foot), then the ankles, calves and knees.

Experts advise to pay close attention tochoosing a foot cream, considering the main problems that you want to solve. So, with frequent swelling, you should give preference to products that contain ingredients that improve the microcirculation of lymph and blood. Extracts of horse chestnut, red grapes, needle, ginkgo biloba, essential oils of cypress, geranium, rosemary, lavender, sage.

If you have dry, dehydrated, cracked skinstop and heels, ask in the store or pharmacy cream with various vegetable oils, hyaluronic acid, allantoin, bisabolol, aloe and other herbal extracts.

Combat with increased sweating of the feet will help with oils with rosemary, tea tree, lavender, which have antiseptic and antibacterial action.

With rough skin on the heels, it is good to usecreme-keratoliki - creams with substances that dissolve the horny substance. They contain salicylic acid, fruit acids, pineapple and papaya extracts, as well as exfoliating enzymes based on them - bromelain and papain.

Love your legs, take good care of them, and they will answer you with stamina and attractive appearance even in the conditions of summer heat.</ em>

Ira 70 --- 54 ---- kg
Aim of 48 kg
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Most of the time, the legs ache with fatigue. But sometimes it's a signal about problems. Here are 9 common reasons.


How to identify. First of all, according to the characteristic venous pattern. Swelling, a feeling of heaviness in the legs and drawing pains intensify toward the end of the day.

What to do. Visit the phlebologist and make an ultrasound vein. Depending on the condition of the vessels, the doctor will prescribe a treatment. Compression jersey and gymnastics will help to reduce the pain.


How to identify. Sudden sharp throbbing pain and burning sensation incalf muscles, redness and swelling appear. The veins become denser and become very painful, which can not be touched. The temperature may rise to 38 ° C.

What to do. Urgent to a vascular surgeon! You need angioscanning and a blood test to assess the degree of blockage of the veins.


How to identify. Legs ache, swell, there are sensations of numbness and tingling. The skin on the lower legs becomes dry and flakes. All this is accompanied by a strong thirst and general weakness.

What to do. A blood test for sugar and an endocrinologist consultation are needed.


How to identify. Caviar often leads to a spasm, it can also hurt in the knee and hip joints. In the risk group - women over 40 years, especially fragile and blonde, as well as smokers and coffeemakers.

What to do. Densitometry is a study of the density of bone tissue (it happens to be X-ray or ultrasound). The doctor will prescribe calcium preparations.


How to identify. The pain spreads from the lower back to the buttock and further along the back surface of the foot to the heel. There may be sensations of burning, then of cold, then of numbness.

What to do. Call the neurologist, he can appoint an MRI. Most often pinching occurs as a result of problems with the spine, it is necessary to treat them.


How to identify. Pain in the joint area, then stronger, then weaker; when walking, the pain is acute, with a long standing, as if twisting legs. The joint swells, the skin around it blushes.

What to do. Go to a rheumatologist: you will need to take an x-ray of the joints, take a blood test.


How to identify. Calfs and feet hurt during movement - not at once, but when you pass meters two hundred. It is necessary to stop, as the pain disappears.

What to do. Consultations of the vascular surgeon and inspection are necessary: ​​MRI, angiography, ultrasound of blood vessels, general blood test.


How to identify. Pain in calves occurs during the day only during movement and at night during sleep. Legs are always cold regardless of the weather.

What to do. Consult with a vascular surgeon. To pass magnetic resonance contrast angiography and ultrasound.


How to identify. By the end of the day, the feet are ache, edema occurs in the ankle, sometimes convulsions. A characteristic indirect sign is that the shoes get stuck on the inside of the heel.

What to do. Refer to an orthopedist. Depending on the severity of the symptoms, he can prescribe medication or surgery. Most likely, it will be necessary to make insoles on an individual impression.


- After a whole day on your feet, make contrasting baths. Start and finish with cold water.

- Alternate high heels with other shoes.

- If possible, go barefoot.

- Do not wear tight jeans and leggings - they disrupt blood circulation.

- Maintain a normal weight: every extra kilogram is an extra burden on your legs.

Ira 70 --- 54 ---- kg
Aim of 48 kg
Grouse 150 cm

cousin. limit the consumption of fluid outdated prejudice.

Do not drink at night, yes. But still not less than 1.5 liters of water. Otherwise, the body will delay even more.

Yes, it also seemed to me wrong. They used to be always pregnant and spoke like that if they had swelling. Now, on the contrary. This is from the Internet infa, probably the old one.

Sorry to break into. But I have a sick kidney and the doctor urged me to limit the consumption of water to 1 liter a day and not drink at night. So the use of water is sometimes limited by doctors.

01.01.2016 - 117.1
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Goal 75 Target Left 24.9

Only 1% of children have excess weight, provoked by genetic or endocrine pathology. The remaining cases of obesity are caused by overeating and a sedentary lifestyle.

Scientists from the University of Adelaide argue that children who already before the age of 2 knew the taste of sweets, fast foods and soda had the lowest IQ.

Tatyana Polishchuk, pediatrician of the 1st category, the children's gastroenterologist of the Kiev clinic Medisvit, described how to normalize the weight of the child.

Full-grown children are more likely to get sick and risk enteringAdult life with a "bouquet" of chronic diseases. The most intensive accumulation of fat occurs in children under 1 year, in children 5-7 years and in adolescents 12-17 years. To normalize the weight of the child, parents, first of all, should change their own way of life, the doctor emphasizes.

"In no case should the child be told that hefat. Explain that we are obliged to good health by products, therefore the food should be healthy and high-grade. Try instead of sweets to buy dried fruits, eat more fresh fruits, vegetables, greens, fresh fish, natural meat. Avoid buying sausages, sausages, mayonnaise, semi-finished products, "advises Polishchuk.

In the ration of the family, according to a specialist, shouldbe low-fat meat, fish, eggs, dairy products. But the use of bakery and pasta, dumplings, jam is better to limit, and should be excluded semolina.

Do not eat in front of the TV and forreading books, because, carried away, you can eat much more. It should also be prohibited chips, nuts, popcorn, chocolate-waffle bars, and consumption of fast food and carbonated beverages is limited.

In addition, Polishchuk advises to engage inphysical culture. It is advisable for the whole family to spend more time in the fresh air, walking, cycling, visiting the pool. Then a healthy lifestyle will become a habit for both adults and