Swelling of the legs in the last month of pregnancy

Naturally, while waiting for the baby momgaining weight. And many of them are puzzled, why they are constantly weighed in the women's consultation, does it not matter how they look. But in fact it can be a concern, because there are swelling in the last month of pregnancy, which can become a signal that the body is not all right.

Normally a woman in pregnancy should addabout ten to twelve kilograms. In later terms, an allowable increase in weight is considered to be no more than 500 grams per week. Being skinny before pregnancy, a woman can gain more. But plump should not be typed a lot.

Those who gain weight quickly, most often sufferfrom edema. This may indicate that a pregnant woman develops a gestosis, a serious enough complication. But if the legs swell in the evening, and in the morning all this passes, then it's okay. But with swelling of other parts of the body you need to consult a doctor as early as possible.

Gestosis can only be in pregnant women, passesalmost immediately after childbirth. About one third of pregnant women suffer from it. It begins in late terms, only after the twentieth week, it appears because of changes in the mother's body, which cause the placenta to form substances that make micro dashes in the vessels. Through them, plasma protein comes from the blood with fluid, so that edema appears, which can be detected during weighing. Through micro dots the protein penetrates into the urine. It is necessary to know that the more these holes, the more protein the pregnant woman loses.

This condition is dangerous because a woman canat first feel very good. But as the parts of the body swell, the placenta begins to swell, the child lacks oxygen, which causes the brain to suffer. As a result of gestosis, eclampsia may develop, which threatens the life of both.

Gestosis can develop in those who are expecting a childthe first time who waits for two at once, after thirty-five, with chronic kidney diseases and infections of the genital tract. There is an easy, medium and severe degree of gestosis. The first two are treated in a hospital, and with a third woman can be sent to intensive care. They can be treated with droppers, which help to fill the lack of protein and fluid, and the pressure is regulated by the drugs intended for this purpose.

In order not to have edema on the lastmonth of pregnancy, it is better to eat less flour, sweet, salty, smoked. It is better to eat more fruits, vegetables, drink fruit drinks, juices, herbal preparations. Also, do not sit or stand in one place for a long time.