Bloating and swelling of the legs

Zdrastvujte, I am very worried about bloating(and there are no gases, and he is just swollen) and swelling of the legs, it has been going on for about a month. At first the stomach was swollen and I swelled only in the evening, and now this condition all the time, I already had such a situation after the abolition of OK, but everything went by itself, and after half a year again everything happened again. I have made ultrasound of the kidneys, urinary, small pelvis, scabbards, general urine analysis, everything is normal, I do not know what to do, tell me, please, what kind of doctor will I contact and what can it be?

Asked: Alena | 11-10-2012

Hello! You have a side-ek OK (lymphatic edema). It's time that everything goes away. Because of this, you are contraindicated in the future. Diuretic are useless. Activate motor activity, fitness, bath. Good improves lymph flow, clears lymph of licorice. Find it in tablets (BADA CoralClab and others) and drink as recommended there.

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