Ointment relieving edema on the legs

Many men and women have different problemswith health, against which often edema develops. In some cases, the cause of swelling may be a hereditary factor. Overweight, as well as diseases of the cardiovascular system can also provoke the appearance of swelling in soft tissues. To get rid of them, experts recommend using special creams and ointments that can very quickly eliminate any swelling and normalize blood circulation in these areas.

Cream for edema "mum comfort"

Cream-balm of the trade mark "mum comfort"is manufactured in the territory of the Russian Federation. Its manufacturer uses an innovative formula for manufacturing, which makes it possible to stop the development of varicose in early stages.

Cream-gel consists of the following components:

normalizing blood circulation and other biologically active substances.

Its high quality was already appreciated by manypatients who for many years suffer from diseases of veins and blood vessels. Due to safety and high degree of hygiene, such cream gel can be used for pregnant and lactating women, as well as for young children.

Cream-balm "mum comfort" ishypoallergenic agent. He perfectly copes with both edema, and with fatigue and heaviness in the legs. The cream is able to eliminate even strong pain, usually caused by prolonged walking on high heels or active physical activity.

Heparin ointment from edema

In some cases, edemas can copeonly drugs related to anticoagulants that have direct action. The most effective means, whose action is directed specifically at eliminating edema, is a heparin ointment.

Heparin ointment is prescribed by doctors in various cases:

in the presence of hemorrhoids (external);

with hematomas and inflammation of lymph nodes, etc.

In the heparin ointment there are various substances that exert anti-inflammatory, anti-edematous and antithrombotic effects on problem areas of the body:

benzocaine (relieves pain);

heparin sodium (prevents the formation of thrombi, and, if present, promotes resorption);

When there is edema, a heparin ointment is necessaryapply to the surface of the skin (in problem areas) with a thin layer. Caution, light rotational movements, you should rub the drug into the skin. Depending on the size of the edema ointment is used from 2 to 3 times a day for 1-2 weeks. If the edema is formed due to mechanical effects (with a fall or stroke) ointment should be used only after a day, in order to avoid the development of internal bleeding.

Before embarking on the treatment of edema, it is betterconsult with a doctor who will determine their origin and recommend dosage. This must be done, as heparin ointment has a number of contraindications, which you need to know before the beginning of the treatment course. If the patient for a long time is treating edema with heparin ointment, he needs to regularly take a blood test for clotting.

Patients may experience various side effects:

poor blood coagulability, etc.

Very carefully it is necessary to apply heparinointment for pregnant and lactating women. During this period the patient should be under the control of the attending physician, who, at the first alarming symptoms, will cancel this medication.

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Cream for edema in the home

To get rid of edema, you can apply cream, cooked at home.

To make this cream you will need to purchase various components:

oils (cocoa, tea tree, geranium, shea, sesame, amaranth, etc.);

Extracts (horse chestnut, etc.);

potassium sorbate, etc.

All solid components must be melt onwater bath, but, do not bring the mass to a boil (maximum temperature should not exceed 75 degrees). In a thick mixture, you should add all the oils, emulsifiers and other ingredients. At the final stage, you need to combine a thick substance with water and mix them until a uniform consistency is obtained.

After the preparation of the cream, it is necessary to waitfor a while, so that the mixture is completely cooled and has a thick consistency. During hardening, the cream should be distributed over dry and sterile containers (preferably glass), sealed and placed in a cool place.

Prepared at home cream, inthe composition of which contains the oils of geranium and tea tree, are most effective in the treatment of edemas. The use of this tool is recommended for people who spend most of the day on their feet. Such cream very quickly eliminates the severity of the limbs, and also removes the feeling of fatigue.

Use a cream from edemas, cooked inat home, you can within a month (until the disappearance of puffiness). Applying cream to problem areas should not be more than 2 times a day, making light circular movements. This mixture is well absorbed into the skin and leaves no greasy marks on clothes. Due to perfectly matched components, the cream does not cause any irritation, nor other side effects.

The author of the article: Nina Vladimirovna Sokolova, naturopathic physician, phytotherapeutist