How to remove cardiac edema of the legs

Swollen or swollen feet - a spectacle unpleasant andthe problem is not rare for many women. Most of them consider it not dangerous, but only cosmetic, arising from taking a lot of liquid. Start treatment independently, using all kinds of folk remedies. Sometimes it gets better, but often the situation is complicated due to the fact that the cause of puffiness is not detected and does not disappear.

It is important to remember that there can be many reasons:
• kidney and liver diseases;
• pathology of the lungs and heart;
• venous disease;
• joint diseases (rheumatism, polyarthritis, arthrosis);
• sedentary lifestyle;
• flat feet;
• Thyroid dysfunction;
• Pregnancy.
In addition, chasing the modern, beautiful andhigh-heeled shoes, we buy tight and not comfortable. In any case, the frequent occurrence of swelling can cause serious illness. Therefore, before starting treatment, consult a doctor.

If the swelling is small and appear in hot weatheror after a long stay on their feet, they can be dealt with on their own, using simple preventive exercises for prevention and following certain rules:
• Do not sit for a long time in one pose and your legs are tucked under.
• During sleep, place a pad under your feet so that they lift slightly.
• Sitting or standing alternately press the heel to the floor, and lift the socks and vice versa.
• Stand on your toes, stand for a few minutes, then go for a few minutes on your fingers, and make 5 to 10 jumps on tiptoe.
• Raise the heel from the floor by 2 or 3 cm, then drop it sharply down.
• Spread and compress your toes, bend them down, then sharpen upwards.
• Try to lift your pencil from the floor with bare feet.
• Perform rotational movements with your feet.

You can eliminate swelling by applying a cold compress. For the night, wet the cotton cloth, wrap her legs and put a plastic bag on top. In the morning, massage your legs from below upwards.

Foot baths with sea salt will help to remove puffiness. Keep feet in a warm solution, and then rinse with cold water and gently massage.

Well remove the swelling from the feet and the composition consisting of turpentine and castor oil (1: 2). Add turpentine in warm oil, stir and rub your legs. After the massage, always wear warm socks.

Decoctions and medicines

Decoction of astragalus will reduce puffiness and willbeneficial effect on the cardiovascular system. 10 grams of the plant, soak in a glass of hot water. Take 2 times a day for 2 tablespoons. spoons of broth 2 weeks. After 3 days break, continue the treatment for another 4-6 months.

Effectively, and the use of ointments containing rutin andheparin. Heparin ointment will remove swelling, improve blood circulation, will have an anti-inflammatory effect. "Venitan" and "Essaven gel" on the basis of horse chestnut, strengthen the walls of the capillaries and veins. "Traksvazin" anesthetize.

If you have a problem with your legs, it's better to remove beautiful and fashionable shoes aside, and pick up comfortable shoes, preferably from natural materials and without heels.