Swelling on the feet in the morning

Hello! A few days ago I fell from a mountain slope on skis, hit a sacrum, I can not say anything about my legs, I would not seem to twist it. After the impact, I got up and slid a few more times, when I got into the car I felt that I began to tingle in the area of ​​the knee of my left leg. And at home in a couple of hours I could not stand on my foot at all, a sharp stitching pain from the outside of my knee and giving down. In the ambulance took pictures of the sacrum (the description indicated a fracture under question?), Twisted the leg and pelvis, the doctor said that there is nothing terrible, these are the manifestations of osteochondrosis (observed in the neurologist-bone are whole, only a severe bruise). But the day after the pain intensified in the leg, swelled from the knee to the ankle, on the trail. day swelling went to the foot, small capillaries and wreaths appeared in different parts on the right foot, with red spots from the knee to the foot, drawing pains, heaviness, legs like weights! By the evening I can hardly walk. The leg is cold, unlike the right one. And more began to notice in the mornings under the eyes a little swells eyelids. The traumatologist inspected said that there was nothing on his part, including the sacrum, the surgeon recommended a cold shower on his feet and change the position-legs upwards. A duplex study of the veins of the left lower extremity was done to exclude deep phlebothrombosis everywhere underlined- without features, and a large subcutaneous vein is indicated in the changes-uneven dilated on the stem valves are moderate reflux. In conclusion: Moderate varicose veins and HPV deficiency on the left. PS: before, my feet never bothered me and paid no attention to them, although on my left leg there were always wreaths, vascular mesh and a knot under my knee. How do you think that this can be and what to do, where to run to be checked, we no longer have to turn to Snezhinsk, we have strained specialists. Are swelling and pain associated with the veins, or is it possible that the kidneys were affected by the fall or, after all, because of the sacrum? Help me please.

Symptoms: Edema on the legs after dinner, a little under the eyes in the morning, drawing pains, heaviness in the legs, the appearance of a wreath and red spots

Address to the neurologist and the traumatologist. To one more traumatologist and to one more neurologist. Do an MRI. To the phlebologist - in a planned manner. The existing changes in the venous system, while not related to these complaints, still require proceedings, in a planned manner (when this problem becomes clear and resolved).

Ask a phlebologist