Edema on the feet by evening

Lymphedema is characterized by swelling in the hands orlegs, and sometimes in other parts of the body in combination with a feeling of heaviness and tissue overflow with fluid. The patient observes the first signs of trouble when her shoes, wristwatches, bracelets and rings are too tight. This is typical, since swelling, as a rule, develops from the extremities, passing from their lower part to the upper one. A sensation of a feeling of heaviness, dull pain and limitation of mobility (rigidity) are possible.

At an early stage of the disease when you press your fingeron the affected area there are small characteristic dents that do not immediately straighten. In the morning, the affected arm or leg usually looks almost normal, and by the evening gradually swells. As the condition worsens, more significant changes occur: the tissue acquires a spongy structure, the skin thickens and coarsens, and the limbs increase in volume. In the most severe cases, a very strong edema develops, the skin and underlying tissues become tight, do not succumb to pressure, the patient is almost or completely limited in movement of the diseased limb.

If the symptoms of lymphedema are due tominor damage or trauma, it usually takes about a week. However, in most cases, signs of the disease persist much longer.

Sometimes lymphedema develops after weeks oreven years after removal of the lymph node. The symptoms are also aggravated by the effects of overloads, including work at the dacha or playing a musical instrument, subsequent injuries or infections.

Over time, chronic lymphedema determinesinflammation and infection of the skin and nearby tissues and blood vessels - lymphangitis. His symptoms include pain in the affected area, redness of the skin, depigmentation of certain areas of the skin, increased body temperature in the affected area and puffiness, heaviness in the affected limb, as well as fever and chills.

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