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Common edema, especially swelling of the legs. Often meets varicose veins of the legs and vulva, which is accompanied by a feeling of discomfort. Clothes should be free at the waist and at the hips. Puffiness often decreases with the use of elastic stockings or with regular rest with raised legs, or even better - lying on its side. Equally common hemorrhoids; with clinically expressed hemorrhoids, women are prescribed laxatives, local anesthetics and warm baths.

Not infrequently back pain varying degrees of severity. To reduce them, excessive tension should be avoided and an antenatal bandage should be worn. Sometimes a woman experiences pain in the region of the pubic articulation.

Usual heartburn, caused by reflux of stomach contents in the lowerdepartment of the esophagus. To avoid it, you should take food in small portions, do not bend over and lie for hours (on the back) after eating, take antacids (except sodium bicarbonate).

Fatigability - a common sign of pregnancy, especially in its first trimester and in the late stages.

Pregnant women often get worse vaginal discharge, not having, as a rule, pathological character. Very common trichomoniasis and candidiasis of the vagina, which probably should be treated only in the presence of clinical manifestations.

Some women appear pica (eccentric desire for unusual food, and sometimes the desire to try inedible substances, for example, starch or clay). Occasionally, inconvenience is caused by excessive salivation (birdism).

During pregnancy, a woman can leadhabitual way of life and engage in normal physical exercises. It is admissible to swim and other sports with moderate load. There is no reason to forbid a pregnant woman riding a horse or other equally intense exercises if she is used to them and observes the necessary caution. At many women during pregnancy the sexual inclination amplifies or weakens. Sexual intercourse is not recommended in the presence of vaginal bleeding, pain, leakage of amniotic fluid and especially with increased contractile activity of the uterus. There are several cases of mother's death when blowing air into the vagina during cunnilingus.

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