Soda and foot swelling

Today, let's talk about our feminine gait, aboutcomfortable shoes and light footsteps, when we do not step heavily on the asphalt, but just slip ... The beauty of the gait is, above all, the health indicator of our spine and the whole motor apparatus - this can not be argued! But often our legs suffer also from corns, calluses and cracks on the heels, and in this case we will help the foot bath with soda, which brings relief. And although the summer days passed, when we wore open shoes and carefully watched the beauty of our legs, the topic did not lose its relevance.

Hemorrhages, corns and thickened layer of deadcells of the epidermis on the heels are formed, as a rule, because of uncomfortable shoes. The feet either squeeze or slide in the shoes, and the problem areas of the foot begin to build up "protection" and are covered with a thick stratum corneum. This "protection", in case of unsuitable footwear, presses on the nerve endings of the plantar area, and we experience not only discomfort, but also painful sensations. What an easy walk!

Therefore, in the cold season, the feet also need attention and care, but for simple soda foot bath We do not have to spend too much time andmeans. Take time for yourself, pamper your legs with a warm bath with soda, and as a result you will get a state of comfort and lightness of legs, and well-groomed, soft, healthy skin.

Soda is in every house and always availableproduct. As you know, it has wonderful softening and disinfecting properties, which will relieve us of problems with the skin of the legs, make it healthier and well-groomed.

Why do you need to take a soda bath right now:

  • Foot baths with the addition of soda disinfect the skin of the feet, help get rid of calluses and corns, which often arise from tight, narrow or uncomfortable shoes.
  • Soda helps you eliminate sweating andunpleasant odor of the feet, it effectively fights bacteria and fungi. This effect is associated with the ability of soda as alkali to "extinguish" the acid - because bacteria and fungal colonies multiply only in an acidic environment!
  • Hot baths with soda cure panaritium - purulent inflammation of the area under the nail plate.
  • Baths for heels with soda soften rough skin, promote the healing of painful cracks, soothe irritated skin, relieve burning, itching and swelling.
  • In the evening, the foot bath will relax and soothe, relieve fatigue from our legs, and a few added droplets of essential oils will give us a sense of comfort.

Baths will allow our legs to gain strength, andus - relax! Be sure to choose a comfortable chair, find a romantic film for viewing and take the book in hand for the soul. Combine a healthy and beauty ritual with a pleasant pastime. Let's look at several variants of soda trays, which can be alternated, depending on the desired effect.

Soap and soda foot baths

For hygienic procedures we take baby soap andrub 2 tablespoons of soap shavings. For the best disinfection (if necessary), instead of a baby soap, we use the economic 72% soap. In a bowl, pour 3 liters of hot water, pour in it soap shavings and 2 tablespoons of soda, stir. While the soap dissolves, we remove the old varnish from the nails on the legs and choose the right color for the varnish to apply a fresh layer.

Soap can be replaced with shampoo for hair or liquid baby soap.

We take a soap-soda bath for 10 -15 minutes, wrapped the bottom of the body (along with a bowl) with a warm blanket. The hardened areas of the sole very soften, and we can easily remove the layer of horny skin with pumice stone. Also, with a special tool, we correct the cuticle on the nails, we cut the nails. Wipe your feet with a towel and grease with some basic fatty oil. I, for example, love avocado oil or coconut oil.

Soap and soda foot bath - reala godsend for every woman! After the procedure, a feeling of unusual lightness in the legs is created! Probably, each of us experienced this tangible relief! The skin of the feet and heels becomes tender and soft, which should be.

Soda bath with sea salt

A bath with soda and salt not only softenscoarsening skin, but also relieves fatigue, tones and strengthens ligaments. Mix 1 tablespoon of baking soda and 1 tablespoon of sea salt or rock salt, dilute 2 liters of enough hot water and pour into a bowl. We lower into it our legs-toilers and stir the water with your feet until the crystals of salt are dissolved. Enjoy the procedure for a quarter of an hour or more. After the procedure, the legs are dried with a towel, greased with a nutritious cream or a base oil.

Soda bath with aromatic oils

We prepare the soda solution from the calculation: A tablespoon of soda for 3 liters of hot water. Take a pile of olive oil, dissolve in it 5 drops of orange essential oil and stir. We pour into the soda solution and lower the foot into the bowl. Comfortable temperature will help to relax for 15-20 minutes. If the water cools down quickly, then store a hot water kettle for additional heating of the solution. Soda with olive oil and orange esters perfectly soften the heels that have coarsened in the shoes.

Excellent antifungal, softening andThe healing properties are aromatic oils of lemon, patchouli, tea tree. Add them to the prepared solution, and feel like the weight and fatigue of your feet will go away after a busy day. Water for soda solution can be replaced with a decoction of sage, chamomile, celandine or calendula.

Foot bath with soda and ammonia

Another great recipe for caring forstops. Will soften the coarsest skin! Prepare 2 tablespoons of soda, 2-3 teaspoons of ammonia (be careful with ammonia!) And dissolve in two liters of warm water. In the prepared solution, hold the feet for twenty minutes, after which it is very easy to remove the pumice-hardened skin. Stop washing with water, dry, apply cream or any base oil.

Presented soda foot baths safely and effectively help to combatproblems of our feet. However, for women who have problems with the heart and blood vessels, pronounced varicose veins, and in the presence of high temperature, unfortunately, hot foot baths are not suitable. If you have wounds, cuts and abrasions on your feet, then it's better to postpone such procedures for a while.

Some useful tips for your feet:

  • Do not forget to do foot massage daily. To do this, a tennis ball or a 1.5-liter bottle filled with warm water is suitable. With a bottle, you will also practice your calves and joints.
  • Do gymnastics for the legs, simple exercises for ten to fifteen minutes will improve blood circulation and remove the feeling of heaviness.

The first exercise: be on the heels, alternating with walking on tiptoe.

The second exercise: resemble at first on the outer edges of the foot, and then on the inner ones.

The third exercise: shake on the feet - with the pressure of the whole body from the socks to the heels.

  • Choose the right footwear - comfortable, comfortable, made of quality, natural materials. It is better to save on something else. After all, the health of our legs affects our state of health and our mood!

Baths with soda from fungus

I want to pay special attention to such a problem,as a nail fungus, it is called - mycosis. None of us is immune from this scourge! This infectious disease brings a lot of trouble to its wearer: itching, burning, nail deformation, unaesthetic appearance. Disease do not start, it is better to treat immediately, at the first manifestations.

In order not to pick up the disease on the beach, inpool or gym, wear suitable shoes that are easy to clean and clean. Choose socks with the lowest synthetics content, because the legs in synthetic socks sweat more and get tired faster. Do soda baths and for the prevention and treatment of fungus! After a two-week course of the baths, the annoying itch and burning sensation will disappear, the nail and the skin around it will lighten. Baths with soda fromfungus are more effective when the infectious disease is in the initial stage.

In conclusion, I want to tell a case from mystudent life. I had a "male" friendship with a guy (namely friendship!). We discussed all the events of our lives with him and were consulted. We were sitting somehow in the dorm room and were drinking tea. The girl ran after the abstract and began to kneel on the chair, taking notes from the shelf. She bared her heels. My friend almost fell off his chair! And he told me his story about how he could not keep in touch with the girl because she did not care for her heels. He told that for many guys, the girl's grooming is the first place!

I was then 20 years old, and I remember this story. How many small things have their importance! Sometimes, having lost the attention of a man for incomprehensible reasons (for us), we could not think that the reason could be some insignificant habit for us or negligence. Like this!

The result of such a pleasant procedure as foot baths with soda - smooth heels, the absence of corns and corns, well-groomed legs and easy gait!

Do not ignore the needs of your legs!