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During pregnancy, almost everywomen there is a complication, such as edema, in particular - swelling of the legs. This is mainly due to increased water intake, which is a normal physiological need of the body. But sometimes the cause may be another: kidney problems or gestosis. The last two cases require treatment and skilled care, but with simple leg swelling you can manage yourself.

The easiest way to prevent the flow of legs during pregnancy. This is facilitated by the observance of a diet, or more precisely, some tips on the consumption of certain products. Let's start.

  1. Thirst is best satisfied by water, ordinary water. No carbonated drinks and even sweet fruit juices should be treated with caution. And again: do not drink a liter of water at a time, drink often, but in a little.
  2. It is necessary to limit salt intake. Yes, many pregnant women are drawn to a salty, but, as is known, after a salty drink you want to drink and drink. In addition, there is a mechanism of communication between salt and water, so an overabundance of one and the second in the body can lead to severe swelling.
  3. We constantly hear everywhere and everywhere that we are pregnantyou need to eat vegetables and fruits. But also pregnant women need protein, which contains amino acids so much needed for the fetus. Lacking them, the baby takes them from the blood, thereby increasing its viscosity - another reason to drink tirelessly. But water will not make up the protein deficit.
  4. Folk remedies for swelling in pregnancyThere are many. Basically, they all consist in drinking decoctions and infusions of herbs with a diuretic effect. It is not necessary to abuse these herbs. Doctors without special concern only to bearberry and a leaf of cranberries. But still, be vigilant, it is high probability to remove from the body so necessary to the baby minerals.
  5. Eating food, water with water, but do not forget to move! Yes, during pregnancy it can be difficult, but you need to move. But the main thing to remember about safety, nothing should keep your movements: the outer clothing and pants should be spacious, and women's shoes of large sizes are especially suitable for edematous legs.

But do not forget and rest, all day on your feet will not lead to anything good. Make baths, ask your husband to make a soft relaxing massage, lie on the couch in the position of "feet above the head."

* If swelling is severe, consult a doctor.

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