Medicine swelling of feet treatment

Exercises for removal of foot swelling

  • Standing or sitting for several minutes a day, alternately press the heel to the floor and lift the sock, and vice versa (press the toe and lift the heel).
  • A couple of minutes are like fingers.
  • Spread and squeeze your toes.
  • With bare feet, try to lift a pencil or a small ball from the floor.
  • Make rotational movements with your feet (left to right and right to left).
  • Put the right foot on the left foot. Raise the sock as high as possible, then do the same exercise with the right foot.
  • Stand on your toes and wait a few seconds. Then make 5-10 jumps on tiptoe.
  • Bend your toes down and sharpen them upwards.

Medical remedies for leg swelling

Important! Before using the drugs listed below, consult a doctor to determine the exact cause of the edema, and to prescribe the appropriate drugs.

  • "Essaven gel" helps strengthen the walls of capillaries and veins, also helps blood circulation and eliminates microthrombi;
  • Heparin ointment, which improves blood circulation, dissolves microscopic blood clots, has anti-inflammatory effect;
  • "Venitan", which includes extract from horse chestnut, well strengthens the walls of capillaries and veins;
  • "Troxevasit has an anesthetic and cooling effect, at the same time strengthening the walls of capillaries and veins.
  • "Lyoton" is ointment.
  • Against edemas ointments made on the basis of horse chestnut are good.

The above ointments contain rutin and heparin, which strengthen the capillary system.