Swelling of the feet with flat feet

Coming home after work, you increasingly began to notice the appearance of edema on the ankles. Why is this? And what if you sweat your legs? If this happens regularly, you should definitely visit a doctor and find out the reasons for changing the size of your legs.

What do you have swelling of the legs can be caused by different reasons. In addition to unsuccessfully matched shoes, (this question is solved relatively simply) the occurrence of foot swelling is affected by flat feet, abnormal metabolism, varicose veins, cirrhosis. If the ankles swell - this is the first bell signaling heart failure. Chronic heart diseases, problems with blood vessels can cause swelling of the legs, which in turn largely violates the activity of the cardiovascular system. The heart, already affected by the disease, is forced to work with increased stresses and aggravate edematous phenomena. There is a mutual causal relationship. Harmless and dangerous.

Swelling of the legs is not at all a consequence of only increased fluid intake.

Several reasons were listedswelling of the legs, in some cases - this is a fairly serious disease. Therefore, first of all, it is necessary to take measures to cure precisely these causative diseases.

However, in the process of curing the underlying disease that causes swelling of the legs, you can try to remove or reduce the intensity of this unpleasant phenomenon, annoying in everyday life.

Swelling of the legs, what to do? Let's try to remove swelling

Strengthen edema or even cause themcan incorrectly matched shoes. This feature was noticed by researchers from among the workers of the Holy Inquisition, having developed on the basis of observations a device called the "Spanish boot".

We need to go the other way. Shoes should not squeeze the foot, the toes will settle in a natural position if the shoes are spacious.

Heel? As it was written in the left-hander on the mug - do not drink a lot, do not drink a little, but drink well. Wearing shoes with high heels is as harmful as flat. A small heel is exactly what you need.

In order not to aggravate the consequences of varicose veins, do not wear stockings that squeeze the thigh and worsen the blood exchange. Better - tights, or even better - therapeutic tights available for sale.

Evening watching TV should become a special time point, after which the consumption of liquid must be sharply reduced.

Swelling of the legs and other parts of the body Is the accumulation of excess fluidin the tissues. Some decoctions of herbs contribute to the removal of excess fluid from the body. With swelling of the legs and kidneys use decoctions of bark and elderberries. Varicose knots on the legs should be enjoyed with steamed elderberry leaves.

Apply diuretics. What would remove the swelling of the legs

Mix the field horsetail, sporish, birch buds. A teaspoon of mixture to pour a glass of boiling water, a quarter of an hour to boil in a water bath, insist half an hour, drain. Drink a tablespoon after eating. After three days - a one-day break. And so - three weeks. It is stored in a cool place.

Decoction from astragalus (he also counts polish,cat's pea, centaury) not only reduces puffiness, but is also useful for the cardiovascular system. For ten grams of astragal, pour 200 ml of boiling water, when it cools down, strain. Take: two tablespoons three times a day for a half moon. Repeat after a three-day break. General course: six months.

Do not despise ointments: lyoton, essavene gel, troxevasin, heparin ointment - they will strengthen the capillary system, because they contain rutin and heparin. Good also ointments based on horse chestnut.

For the treatment of swollen feet, massage andbath. In this case, do not regret the relaxing sea salt, add it to the water of the baths. It's good to put your feet in cold water and massage the swollen areas from the bottom up with light pinches. By the way, hot baths are contraindicated in the expansion of veins.

Regularly make contrasting baths. Excellent relieve tired legs, heaviness in the ankles and swelling in the area of ​​the feet. For this, prepare two trays: with hot and cold water. Alternately lower and keep your feet in hot (5 minutes) and cold water (10 seconds). Add the herbs and salt in the water.

A daily gymnastics for the feet is needed. Set the right foot to the left foot. Raise the sock higher, hold it for ten seconds, then change your legs and repeat the same exercise with the other leg. That there would be no such problem as swelling of the legs and what to do with him. Just use simple tips.

Wait a few seconds on your toes. After that do a dozen jumps on tiptoe. Sitting on a chair, raise your legs and make rotational movements with your feet. Bend and unbend your toes down and up.

Stand at the table, lean against it with your hands and roll your feet on the floor from the heel to the toe and back both alternately and with two feet together.

Do not delay, start right now and the swelling of your legs will leave you!