Edema on the soles of the feet

Very often coming home in the evening and taking off our shoes, we find foot swelling. This is a fairly common phenomenon and we will not come to its value, knowing that by the morning the swelling of the feet will subside.

But if this condition is repeated every day, it is worth taking a more serious look at this leg problem. Today we will talk about the possible causes of foot swelling and how to deal with this ailment.

As a rule, foot swelling occurs in women,leading sedentary lifestyle. Women's shoes are also often the cause of the appearance of swelling. Kindly for everyday wear, use shoes with a heel above 5-6 cm. The fact is that when a woman wears high heels, the calf muscles do not shrink almost, and this can lead to stagnation of blood and lymph in the legs. After spending the whole day on his heels, by the evening his feet begin to hum and we want to take off our shoes, lie on the couch and raise our legs. And it's not for nothing that such a desire arises, when we raise our legs, there is a natural outflow of blood from the swollen feet. Of course, during the day it will be quite difficult where to lie down and thus give legs a rest, but there is also an arc no less effective way. Standing on your feet, make several passes from the heel to the toe, this will break the muscles of the leg, use this exercise several times a day and by the evening you will get to avoid swelling at the feet. If there is an opportunity instead of a lift or an escalator to climb the stairs, do not miss it.

If you have sedentary work, forleg health will not be enough two times a day to climb the stairs or do a minute gym. It is necessary to go in for sports. Very useful for the whole body are swimming and aqua aerobics.

There are practically no such sportscontraindications. Working in the water, you give a big load on the muscles, and water in turn puts pressure on the skin, so that there is no expansion of the vessels and edema. Perhaps the most accessible way to bring our feet into tonus - daily walks, it is necessary to pass a minimum of 3 km per day.

Very often with the problem of foot swellingface pregnant women. Because of the changes that occur in the body of a woman during pregnancy, there is a redistribution of the load, including on the legs. Increased pressure on blood vessels, worsening blood circulation and as a result of the appearance of edema. The best measure to prevent leg edema and varicose veins during pregnancy is the use of special therapeutic knitwear. Any sports activity the pregnant woman should discuss with the gynecologist.

Now there are a lot of medicalointments to solve the problem of foot swelling. All these drugs have only a preventive effect, they are able to improve the flow of blood, but I will not help if the problem of puffiness is hidden in the body.

Unfortunately, foot swelling can also speak aboutproblems of the body, for example, problems with the kidneys, heart, blood vessels, often swelling is the symptoms of varicose veins or serious lymphedema disease. You can not call the appearance of edema a disease, but perhaps this is a signal about problems in the body. If the foot swelling occurs regularly and does not always drop by morning, you should always seek advice from a phlebologist.