Swelling of the legs and body

I am 37 years old, height 170, weight 79.
Recently was forced to spend at the computermany hours (urgent work), resulting in foot swelling. In general, the normal reaction of the body. By the morning edemas decreased, but did not completely pass.

From this moment on, I have not been able to do it for a weekconsequences to sit even a couple of hours. Standing causes the same effect. In addition, there were "otsizhennye" sensations, wandering the body. It happens also legs, and arms, and a back, and even the face (more likely reminds action of a light current).

Has recollected, that insignificant edema of legs or foots by the eveningnoticed before, especially during 2 pregnancies, and then one leg swelled much more strongly. After the birth, edemas instantly disappeared, and by the morning one leg again swelled up. Over time, the problem was gone.

The question is: tell me the protocol of the survey, because there probably can be many reasons.

1. There are problems with the lumbar spine. In particular, the mobility of one of the vertebrae, was treated 3 years ago, wore orthosis plus drug therapy. Appealed for pain, after almost half a year of treatment, the pains passed and did not return.

2. There is an omission of the uterus (I do not know if it can affect the circulation in the legs, but I guess that can).

3. Not so long ago (in January) was treated for attacks of extrasystole. I was very worried, examined, cardiogram, ultrasound - the norm, Holter BP - the norm, but close to the upper limit. The diagnosis is "lability of the nervous system".

4. Recently, I began to notice that when I change the position of the body (from standing to sitting and vice versa) I feel dizzy for a few seconds. Previously, this was observed only with a sharp rise from the lying position. Given that the examination was 3 years ago, was elevated cortisol, it also can mean something? Then I was given an x-ray of a Turkish saddle and said that nothing terrible, probably, was nervous.

5. Approximately six months or a year I notice that one leg in the shin area is somewhat wider than the other. Well, on the principle of "one - the right, the other - the left" is not particularly worried, until I realized that it was not like that before.

In a word, I can not yet understand which doctor to deal with first and where to start?
Edema of the face, hands are not present (now in the heat, the hands swell slightly by evening, but the rings are removed quietly), the foot practically does not swell (quite slightly), the feeling that the edema is formed higher.