Swelling after alcohol

Hello, I've been drinking for 6 years with a variablesuccess. During this time, I have not drunk a total of a year. The last so-called. drunkenness last 4 months, how to put yourself in order? Daily in the morning terrible feeling, before dinner I suffer, then for a mug of beer and rushed. Like a marmot day! Here two days a gram, the condition has slightly improved, but the edema of the face and the foot does not fall off. Tell me, when will the bad state, depression and how to deal with edema?

Depression and bad state of health you will havelast for 3-5 days. The maximum duration of the withdrawal syndrome can be up to 2 weeks, but this requires a longer "experience" of continuous use of alcohol than you. Edema of the face is characteristic of all people who have been drinking alcohol for several months. They are associated with impaired microcirculation in the kidney, a violation of protein metabolism and fluid retention in the body. Typically, such swelling disappears after 1-2 weeks after giving up alcohol, but alcoholics in the last stages of the disease may have a puffiness for life. I think that you have not reached this stage yet, and your facial swelling will eventually disappear without any special treatment. But the swelling of the feet is a more formidable symptom. Swelling of the lower limbs can occur with chronic heart failure and alcoholic cardiomyopathy, arterial hypertension. Similarly, swelling of the legs in combination with ascites (free fluid in the abdominal cavity) may indicate portal hypertension against the background of alcoholic hepatitis, dystrophy or even cirrhosis of the liver.

In any case, you do not need to treat the edema, and thosechanges in the body that have arisen as a result of prolonged use of alcohol - a violation of water and electrolyte balance, a violation of carbohydrate and protein metabolism.

You need to normalize your diet. Eat foods rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids - dairy products, fruits and vegetables, meat not fatty broths, fish, beans, soy beans, various juices, dried fruit compote, green tea. With abstinence, there is no appetite, but you need to force yourself to eat fully.

Find an opportunity to control yourarterial pressure. If it is stably raised, you should immediately consult a doctor. Similarly, medical care is needed for "heart failure", chest pains or not passing headaches.

Self-treatment is extremely dangerous. Diuretics can only be prescribed by a doctor after examination. It is also not recommended without the advice of a doctor to use medicinal herbs that have a diuretic effect.

Take the Medochronal. This drug will speed up the normalization of your body's metabolism and reduce the "craving" for alcohol.