Edema Foot Video

Women often notice that by the evening favoriteshoes, so comfortably sitting on their feet, begin to mercilessly reap their feet, and gum socks leave on the shins deep traces. All this - the first signs of swelling of the legs. If you leave this problem unattended and do not take timely measures, sooner appear more serious symptoms - the skin on your legs becomes stretched and shiny, after pressing your finger on it there is a groove that does not pass for a long time. Swelling can be a sign of serious illnesses, so treating them lightly is not worth it.

Short-term, fast swelling of the legs,appearing after a long walk or wearing uncomfortable shoes, rarely cause serious concern. If the legs swell constantly, you need to look for the cause of this.

Edema is nothing more than the accumulation of fluid in theintercellular tissue space. Edema can be caused by common diseases, but can also occur in healthy people. In this case, their causes can be as follows: - an adverse external effect (squeezing tight shoes or clothing) - trauma or insect bite (such swelling most often appear on a restricted area of ​​the limb) - lifestyle features (abuse of salty and spicy food, prolonged static load, sedentary work or habit of sitting with your leg resting on your leg) - hormonal changes (pregnancy, obesity).

From edemas often love lovers of high-heeled shoes - during their wearing calf muscles can not normally contract, increases the load on their legs

Pathological causes of edema:- diseases of the cardiovascular system (heart failure) - varicose veins - dysfunction of the thyroid gland (hypothyroidism) - liver disease (cirrhosis) - kidney disease - thrombophlebitis - infectious and inflammatory diseases (rheumatism, erysipelas) - allergic reactions - lymph flow disturbance.

In the event that swelling is a sign ofany disease, there are usually other symptoms. So, with thrombophlebitis one leg is usually affected, with swelling accompanied by pain, redness of the skin, a sensation of heat. The lack of thyroid hormones causes swelling not only on the legs, but also a general increase in body weight, apathy, chilliness. With liver diseases, the skin can acquire a yellowish tinge and itch, heart failure is characterized by shortness of breath, pain in the heart, pressure changes.

Treatment and prevention of edema

If your legs start swelling, tryfirst revise the lifestyle - abandon shoes with high heels and flat soles, limit the use of liquid, smoked products, salty and spicy dishes.

It is important to correctly dose the static anddynamic load on the legs. If you spend a lot of time sitting at your desk, from time to time, get up to walk, jump, do a few sit-ups. If you have to stand or walk for a long time, try, on the contrary, more often to sit down and rest your legs. Doing sports will increase muscle tone, relieve stagnation of fluid in the limbs.

An excellent remedy for getting rid of edema is massage of feet and shins. It can also serve as their prevention. Contrasting douches and foot baths relieve swelling of the feet.

When you have such an opportunity, tryRaise your legs above the level of the heart - for example, lie down, resting your feet on the roll-wrapped blanket or arm of the couch, or leaning against the wall. In extreme cases, close in your office, take off your shoes, put your feet on the table and sit for a minute.

Good help to remove edema simple exercises:- Roll your barefoot ball on the floor for a table tennis ball - Turn your feet clockwise and counter-clockwise - Take a few jumps on tiptoe - Spread your toes and then squeeze them.

Familiar with all the childhood exercises "scissors" and "bicycle" also help with edema

Traditional medicine offers many recipesto get rid of edema, but to apply them, until the cause of excess fluid accumulation is clarified, it is not worth it, as it is not worth trying to treat edemas with self-selected medications, including diuretics. Many of them eliminate only the symptom, masking the underlying disease. Therefore, especially if lifestyle changes, massages and douches do not have the desired effect, you need to see a doctor to find out the cause of edema. It is better to start with a visit to the therapist - he will appoint a survey, which will make it clear if a specialist is needed.

It is especially dangerous to postpone going to the doctor ifedema accompanied by pain, fever, changes in the skin of the legs - so you can skip the onset of acute thrombophlebitis, varicose veins, joint pathology

Swelling of the feet during pregnancy requiresincreased attention. They can be caused by both natural changes in the hormonal background and excessive consumption of salty foods, so beloved by future mothers, and a serious illness - gestosis of the second half of pregnancy, also known as late toxicosis.

Symptoms of gestosis are not only swelling, but alsoincreased pressure and the appearance of protein in the urine. Late toxicosis threatens the health and life of both mother and baby - a progressive disease affects the kidneys and the nervous system, leading to preeclampsia and eclampsia (seizures). It is to prevent gestosis that pregnant women need to control their weight in order not to miss the appearance of swelling, to regularly make urinalysis, and if swelling has already appeared, it is necessary to consult an obstetrician-gynecologist.