Stroke of foot swelling

It is necessary to say that after thatas a person has suffered a stroke, then he begins to suffer from this limb, because the person begins to go wrong blood circulation, this starts to go wrong nutrition (trophic), and also begins to violate the innervation.

The feet of a person from this begin to take on a purple hue and become cold.

If a person has suffered a stroke, then he must learn to prevent swelling after him, or learn to not allow them at all. For this, a person will need:

  • In order for the blood circulation in his body to normalize, a person must always change the position of the limbs;
  • It is also worth remembering that in no case should one put his hands and feet so that they can hang over;
  • The hand of a man, when he is sitting, is compulsoryshould always be approximately at the level of the waist, For example, for this purpose, armrest is quite suitable. When a person sits, then his back begins to snug against the wall of the chair. Legs are required to be placed on some kind of support, and segments in the patient's limb must necessarily be kept in a horizontal position. For this, it is required that a person besides a simple stand, still under the calf, be supported by a pillow. This is necessary in order to increase the area of ​​the support, and the likelihood that a person may have swelling of the foot - decreased.