How to remove leg swelling after removing gypsum

Hello. February 3, 2011 came to the hospital with a diagnosis: a closed fracture of both ankles with displacement of debris. An operation was performed and a plate was inserted. Then for 6 weeks, cast. After the removal of gypsum, she underwent a course of physiotherapy, exercise therapy. Pains as such are not present, but the edema strong. especially at the end of the day. How to remove the edema? I smear with traexvazinum, helps or assists slightly. After removal of the gypsum, a little more than 2 months passed.

Hello. Lyoton, the leg on the dais, the swelling will completely pass after you finally develop the leg.

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Hello. In 1979, I had an operation, there was a congenital dislocation of the hip. Now they are very worried about the pain and became more limp. What can be done?

whether the fracture of a leg if to go without a gypsum will grow?

For more than a year my mother took different procedures, andnow stopped almost walking with two crutches. They say that one side of the hip bone is practically destroyed and an artificial American artificial prosthesis should be put. Operation and prosthesis are very expensive. But we For more than a year my mother took various procedures, but now I almost stopped walking with two crutches. They say almost destroyed one side of the hip bone and you need to put the prosthesis artificial American. But we are not sure and will help.

Good afternoon! March 18, 2010. I, as a result of a fall, received a closed fracture of the styloid process of the ulna without displacement, a fragmentary fracture of the radius of the bone in a typical place with a nodal displacement of the left arm. A reposition was made and a plaster bandage was applied for 3 weeks. After 10 days after applying the gypsum, a control photograph was taken: satisfactory. On April 8, a stage dressing was done: the position of the arm was changed and gypsum was again applied. The first week after the fracture is very.

&Hello!Approximately 2 months ago fell on the ice and heavily bruised the leg under the knee. There were small scratches and bruises. When all the wounds and bruise have passed, there is a seal (cone). It does not go away for 1.5 months and continues to hurt a little when attacking the knee. Is it normal that the seal does not come off for so long? Or what could it be? Thank you in advance.

Hello.7 months ago has made operation on replacement of a hip joint of the right. leg hurts inside the seam and in the right buttock bone that can be pictures good tests too good when I sit and lie down my leg does not hurt and when I go hurt I walk with a cane without it I can not answer please called my doctor said everything is normal still forgot when I do gymnastics in my right buttock crunch.

about 2 months ago there was an operation onpartial removal of a part of the meniscus .. after a little physical exertion 2 days ago, my leg began to swell, yesterday my leg was very swollen, that I can not even put a fixator .. even stronger pain in the heel, I can not even stand on it .. with what it can be connected . is the reaction to the load? and is it worth it to be afraid?

Hello! Her husband has a helix fracture of the pneuma with a displacement of already 2 m-ts, from 05. fevralya in the gypsum leg (anew broke on the 4th day, the fracture does not fuse and when repeated hospitalization due to some bad indicators of the body did not put the plate). The foot of the foot is constantly swollen, and when it rises on crutches, or lowers the leg downwards, it swells more and turns blue. Can this be due to the fact that it does not grow together, or it does not properly fuse? He drinks mountain calcium with mummies and fish oils. He often eats a cold.

Hello. I will describe my problem. My foot hurts the second week from the inside. Swelling is imperceptible, there is a small bruise, it hurts when pressed. It hurts to walk, but in the sitting state, the pain is not felt. I thought that stretching or dislocating, the only thing that - I do not remember, that she was tucking her leg. walked on a flat sole. Help me please

There was a fracture of the ulnar process with a displacement of 10February, the operation was done on February 13, they put two spokes and a wire between them that holds the bone, removed the cast, swallowed, I go without any bandages, I load my hand a little, although it was contraindicated whether it is possible to go to the bath, if for example wrap it in a cold towel, there are knitting needles? They are under the skin, but one spoke shches the skin from the inside and, when bending the arm, it is seen through the skin.

Hello, I'm interested in your opinion! Fracture of radius with / 3, treatment with a blocked rod (titanium). The problem is that in the area of ​​the plug two screws were screwed, and at the end of the rod there is a hole for the screw, but in the picture it is seen that the screw was screwed past the rod (next to it). So while without gypsum I go 7 days already, but the doctor said I need to impose a cast to avoid turning. Although said the rod is rigid, a fracture is oblique, but to exclude motion, plaster is necessary. So that's what interests me. if.

Good afternoon. I am a contract serviceman. My usual dislocation of the left shoulder (rupture of the joint bag) MRI showed. In the hospital, not qualified and I do not want to lie down under their knife. Is it possible for me to get a release from physical culture with such a diagnosis?

Hello, 2,5 months ago I went for a drive onskates and fell, everything was fine at first, but when I stepped on my leg, there was a very strong pain in the ankle. I immediately took off my skates and put cold. Edema was strong, but my leg did not turn blue. In the trauma they made an X-ray, they said there was no fracture, but there is a stretch and some kind of cyst, but they said it was not scary. Have registered to smear voltarenom and to wear an orthosis 3 weeks. But 2.5 months have passed and my leg still hurts. Tell me, please, that.

Hello, there was a fracture of the hip, 8 months wasplate, the bone was not properly matched, it was removed and the Ilizarov apparatus was placed, a week ago it was removed, now the knee is bent only by 30%, how to develop a knee?

Hello. I'm 54 years old 13.02.15, an open osteosynthesis operation was performed in the fracture of the tibia, reconstruction of the proximal part of the left BB of the bone. plastic osteomatrix and osteosynthesis plate with 6 screws. o Damages of ligaments and meniscuses are not revealed. All this time the condition improved. At the moment, X-ray shows that you can remove the plate. However, when walking on the stairs, I still feel pain and also when I run. When walking pain, there is only stiffness. The question is.