How to treat swelling of the legs with varicose veins

Varicosity is a disease that is necessary on timeprevent and stop. Today almost every inhabitant of the planet can become ill with such a disease. To insure your health and avoid irreparable consequences, it is necessary to take preventive measures in time, which will help to prevent the increase of veins.

Carry out treatment for varicose veins in the homeconditions - sometimes, such measures can show greater effectiveness than a standard approach. This is due to a large number of reasons, so do not neglect all kinds of exercises, use special compression underwear from varicose veins, etc. The maximum amount of information you get from the remaining articles in this section!

Often people ask the question: "Are the methods of treatment of varicose veins effective at home, is it possible to fight the disease independently?". It can be safely said that the fight against varicose is a whole system of procedures that must necessarily be fixed by the recommendations of the treating doctor. Such activities as gymnastics, wearing special underwear, the use of natural medicines in the form of ointments and herbal decoctions should be done at home. Only a quiet home environment will help to do all these procedures correctly.

Doctors say that with the slightest manifestationvaricose veins should immediately seek help from specialists whose qualification directly relates to the vessels and veins of a person. Only a doctor of narrow specialization will be able to appoint a really effective treatment, which can often leave an incorrigible trace in the form of side effects, because the medicinal methods of treating varicose affect the entire body.

The first symptoms of varicose veins may have a differentcharacter, it is important to recognize precisely those hints of the body that are aimed at failures in all vital systems. The most common cause of varicose veins is a sedentary and standing way of life.

Large loads on the legs provoke swelling oreven blockage of blood vessels (if you have a genetic predisposition to such diseases). Doctors recommend to give up heavy shoes, you need to exclude high heels, often this is the cause of venous disease. Stagnation of blood due to tight stockings and tights can also provoke the appearance of varicose veins. Be attentive to your health.

There are several effective methods thatmake the treatment of varicose at home a reality, and they can help a person avoid problems with the veins or just at least temporarily get rid of varicose veins. The first and mandatory method is the relaxation of the legs. Let your limbs periodically rest. More go on socks, if possible, go swimming and perform small walks.

There are also special exercises that at home not only allow effective prevention of varicose veins, but also help to overcome the ailment, if any:

  • Sit on the floor, preferably on a comfortable andnon-slip surface. Pull the lower limbs in front of you, leaning at the same time on the floor with your hands. One of the legs (at your request) bend, the other in the bend area gently raise and up, about 10-13 times. After the end of this procedure, repeat the procedure with the other leg.
  • Stand up, place your legs on the width of your shoulders, you caneven a little more. Hands stretch out in front of you, gently squat, considering the increase in intensity, and do not lower your torso below the knee level. Repeat this procedure approximately 15 times.
  • Take the chair with the back, stand behind it. Spread the feet of centimeters by 60 from each other. Slowly crouch, but not very low, then raise your heels and lock for a few seconds in this condition. Repeat this action is necessary up to 20 times.
  • Stand on your toes, imagining a ballerina, and drop sharply on your heels. This procedure should be done approximately 10-20 times.
  • Popular and known to many since childhoodstand "birch". It is this manipulation that is most effective and is the first method for the prevention and control of varicose veins. Lie down on the floor, raise your legs to the maximum up, while fixing your back with your hands, placing your body almost on the shoulder blades.

Unpleasant symptoms of varicose veins often causeman to suffer, both morally and physically. The swelling of the legs and the increase in the veins on the legs can be removed with the help of chilled water or ice at home. Wipe the lower extremities in areas of swelling with ice cubes, this will temporarily reduce swelling and reduce the severity in the legs. A cool foot bath is also an effective way to immediately relieve fatigue symptoms in the legs. After such procedures, to increase the effect, you can lie in a horizontal position, lifting your legs above your head. To fix the effect of treatment and rest, a bed with high sides is ideal.

Specified a little above the measures are unlikely to helpto implement a full-fledged treatment of varicose veins at home. Remove puffiness and pain - yes, but this effect is very short-lived. There are several correct ways to treat varicose veins associated with the use of herbal infusions and infusions:

  • 600 ml of water is heated to the boiling point. Take the root of the hazel and arnica in equal proportions. Combine boiling water and herbs (roots), insist for 12 hours and take once a day for an incomplete glass (about ¾).
  • Hop (1 tbsp.) Finely chopped. Pour it with boiling water (1 glass) and for the next 10-15 minutes, heat the infusion on a special water bath. Use this decoction before eating.
  • Honey and garlic combine and insist for 14 days. Honey (only in the liquid state - 350 g) and garlic (250 g) use one teaspoon for 30 minutes. before meals.
  • Leave cabbage leaves with a small amounthoney, attach to places where there is discomfort and visually observed increase in veins. Tie the cabbage leaves with polyethylene for greater effect. The compress should be kept for 2 hours.
  • Clay compress will help to defeat varicose veins. Lubricate the feet with clay, and wrapped in cheesecloth, leave it for a few hours.
  • Be sure to consider that only phlebologist prescribes treatment and if the stage of your illness already has complications, then home procedures may not be very effective.

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