Edema of the feet in type 2 diabetes

incl. 17 October 2011.

As you know, diabetes affects not onlyinternal organs. From this insidious disease, nerve endings, vessels, capillaries and lower extremities often suffer, resulting in the development of neuropathy. Disturbed blood circulation (which is caused by vascular plaques) can lead to serious consequences - swelling of the feet in diabetes and even amputation of the extremities. To prevent this, you must observe the correct mode. However, sometimes there are situations where, regardless of this complication of the lower extremities develop suddenly and rapidly.

Prevention and self-diagnosis are necessary measures that allow, at the first suspicion of edema of the feet with diabetes to sound the alarm.

The main symptoms that should alert every diabetic are:

  • Pain in the legs. The reasons can be several - infections and fungal diseases, tight shoes, stretching or bruises.
  • Edema of the feet with diabetes. This unpleasant symptom signals thatthe patient develops an infection. Patients can also be diagnosed with numbness, burning or coldness in the limbs and loss of sensation.
  • Redness of the feet. This symptom can be caused by wearing uncomfortable shoes and a sock made of synthetic fabrics. Sometimes it is enough to replace a pair of shoes with a more comfortable model and choose hosiery from natural fabrics - reddening will immediately pass.
  • Hair loss. If you notice that your hair completely or partially falls out of your hair, immediately consult a doctor, as this is often the first sign of diabetes.

In addition to the above mentioned signs, the presence of high fever and chills, hard and shiny skin and intermittent claudication can lead to gangrene of the legs.