Cause of death causes brain swelling

Mafia Mafia The connoisseur (253), on a vote 4 years ago

Sorry for, perhaps, a profanity question. I'm quite far from medicine, as a consequence and do not understand its subtleties.
Could it have been fatal with such a causelead to the adoption of prohibited drugs (doping) or is this cause of death quite frequent and occurs regardless of interventions in the body from the outside?

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Cheresabornuguzaderischenko Enlightened (20526) 4 years ago

regardless of the disease or injury of anythe process of dying (be it a young man after an accident or an elderly granny) will go through pulmonary heart failure, cerebral edema is also often present. these are on-duty pathoanatomical diagnoses, independent of either the patient or the illness or injury.

Yin Yang Enlightened (40812) 4 years ago

yeah the question of course. The swelling of the brain with the plan to remove the familiar had to. but I do not know about doping.

Deeck groog Guru (3470) 4 years ago

Edema of the brain, lungs, this is the end of the patprocess.
What should have been before.

Alex Artificial Intelligence (102785) 4 years ago

trauma, infectious diseases, cardiovascular diseases, oncology
doping can affect the work of the heart and blood vessels. Heart failure causes water retention in the body and swelling of the lungs and brain.

Renata Fedorovyh-Vetchinov Master (2214) 4 years ago

busting with doping-poisoning of the body-intoxication-suppression of body functions-catastrophe in the brain-violation of all functions-scribes