Edema of the second toe

Everyone knows that the situation when the finger was swollenfoot, is quite unpleasant. In this case it is undesirable to be treated with the help of someone else's advice, since from the very beginning one should consult a specialist.

It is necessary not only to determine the optimal therapy, but also to establish the reasons that led to this result.

It should be stressed that some do not immediatelynotice that the finger is swollen on the leg. Very often the reason for this is wearing a small or too tight shoes. Recently we wrote about how to stretch shoes at home. In particular, this is true for people who like the options for high heels and with a narrowed nose. In this position, the whole body's focus is on the fingers, and the maximum load is experienced by the thumb. In the foot there are problems with blood circulation, and the required amount of oxygen can not enter the toes. For this reason, it is not surprising if after a long and difficult working day you take off your shoes and notice that your finger is swollen. To avoid this, it is recommended to wear the most comfortable shoes, or to give stops to rest during the day.

If the finger is swollen on the leg, then it is necessary to drawattention to the nails. In some cases, swelling of the fingers can be caused by an ingrown toenail. This usually occurs for several main reasons - unsuitable footwear, non-compliance with basic hygiene rules, as well as non-compliance with the rules of nail treatment. When you trim your nails, do not round their ends, because otherwise the likelihood of their further ingrowth into the skin increases. As a result, not only the finger, but the entire foot can swell. Removal of ingrown nails is recommended only with the help of a specialist.

Noticing that your finger is swollen on your leg, contactto the hospital and donate blood for sugar, because diabetes can cause such a symptom. During periods of exacerbation of this ailment, the nerve endings of the toes have increased hyperactivity, resulting in problems in the circulation of blood. It often appears not only swelling, but also burning or itching near the base of the finger.

One of the most common causes ofa tumor on the toe can become a person's presence of such ailments as arthritis, gout or arthrosis. All these diseases are directly related to the inflammatory processes in the joints, which can form a tumor on the fingers. To detect this or that disease is possible only by the appearance of characteristic symptoms and by the delivery of appropriate tests. The signs of such diseases include pain in the fingers during the wearing of heavy things and walking, irritation and deformation of the joints, as well as the syndrome of "hot fingers."

If the finger is swollen on the leg, then it is necessary to go toadmission to a rheumatologist or orthopedic surgeon. In most cases, the specialist will send the patient to the tests, the results of which will accurately determine the cause of the tumor. If the tests for diabetes mellitus and gout are normal, you will need a snapshot of the finger joints, which will help to rule out the likelihood of arthritis and arthrosis. If the cause of the tumor is associated with the wearing of uncomfortable shoes, the medic may advise the use of orthopedic insoles. If the tumor appeared due to ingrown nail, it will only pass after removing the ingrown portion of the nail plate. After that, the doctor will prescribe the best therapy. Often, treatment is carried out at home. In very serious cases, they can put a dropper, but, as a rule, they use physiotherapy and appropriate medications. If a person can not take any medication, then you can take advice from traditional medicine, for example, a tumor on the finger is removed using compresses made from mugs and celandine.