Edema of the joint of the big toe

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The greatest severity of arthralgia is usually notedwith gout. Violation of purine metabolism with the deposition of uric acid salts in tissues and the development of aseptic inflammation is observed in the overwhelming majority of cases in overweight men over the age of 40 (often working as cooks, waiters, butchers).

For the onset of the disease and exacerbations, the affection of the metatarsus-phalangeal joint of one of the first toes with the complete disappearance of pain and the restoration of the function of the joint in the period of remission is characteristic.

In any localization can further process (down to the jaw and sternocostal junctions) with a sharp deformation and limited mobility of joints, relapsing arthritis and bursitis.

The aggravation of the disease occurs most often aftertrauma, cooling, physical or emotional overload, alcohol and spicy foods, overeating of meat and fish products. An acute attack of gout, usually occurs suddenly at night and lasts from several hours to several days. The patient wakes up from severe pain in one or less than two or three joints. Pain decreases in the morning and again intensifies by night. In the area of ​​affected joints, there is a growing swelling, the skin is tense, shiny, crimson, the temperature is elevated, often local phlebitis, and at the end of the attack, there are local itching and flaky skin.

The attack can be accompanied by chills, fever, sometimes up to 41 ° С, dyspeptic phenomena and sharp excitation of the patient.

Relapses of the disease lead to the formation ofuric acid compounds of dense knots (tophi), clearly delimited from surrounding tissues. Gouty nodules are defined in the skin and subcutaneous tissue, along the tendons, near the joints, on the auricles, wings of the nose, and eyelids. In the area of ​​these nodes, sometimes long-term non-healing gouty ulcers with subsequent scarring are formed.

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