Edema of the right leg during pregnancy

Why does foot swelling occur during pregnancy? Can this be avoided, and if so, how? Often in the period of bearing a child, women experience a certain discomfort associated with the appearance of swelling of the lower extremities. Let's try to consider these issues in more detail.

Causes of leg swelling in pregnancy

Before you start to fight the unpleasantsymptoms, for the beginning it is necessary to clarify, in what the reason of the given condition lies, and whether it is pathological. After puffiness can be a consequence of diseases of the heart, blood vessels, genitourinary system (pyelonephritis, nephrosis). Only a doctor should determine the reasons and, if necessary, prescribe a treatment.

Strong swelling of the legs during pregnancy is observed inmostly in the last, third trimester. In the early stages, this phenomenon is less common: the appearance of puffiness in the first trimester, as a rule, speaks about the existing pathology in the organism of the future mother.

With the passage of each week of bearing the uterusgradually increases in size, exerting mechanical pressure on certain blood vessels, including large ones. Blood in the veins stagnates, the rate of its outflow in the ascending direction decreases.

As a consequence of the hormonal burst, and alsolack of certain vitamins, there is a decrease in the elasticity of the vascular wall. The situation is aggravated by the presence in a pregnant woman of such diseases as varicose veins, thrombophlebitis, chronic circulatory insufficiency.

With each month of pregnancy, the future mother adds weight, the load on the venous system of the lower extremities increases, and visible swelling becomes more and more.

It is necessary to pay attention to the fact thatpuffiness can be associated with various pathologies of the urinary system, disorders of the heart activity, and can also be a formidable sign of late toxicosis of the pregnant woman.

Abundance of heavy food in the diet, consumptionsmoked and salty foods, excessive enthusiasm for all kinds of chips, crackers and nuts can trigger salt metabolism disorders in the body, fluid retention with sodium salts.

Possible causes of edema during pregnancythere may be a violation of the drinking regime. Too much of the liquid you drink simply does not have time to get out of the body. With insufficient use of liquid, the body turns on the economy mode and begins to accumulate water in tissues, as they say, "in reserve".

Influence on the appearance of edema is also frequent and long walks, long standing on the spot, especially in the third trimester.

According to statistics, about 80% of expectant mothersface the problem of edema during pregnancy. However, almost all of them, with few exceptions, produce healthy children without any pathological abnormalities.

Diagnosis of leg swelling during pregnancy

Consider the approximate symptomatology of puffiness in stages:

  • At the 22nd week of pregnancy, edema is rare and unstable. Usually characterized by the presence of a slight swelling of the lower extremities, often closer to the evening. Discomfort weakly expressed;
  • At the 24th week of bearing a child, a gradual increase in the accumulation of fluid in the body is possible. There is a significant improvement in the condition by the next morning;
  • On the 26th of the week, often by the evening, there are clearly visible swelling of the ankles, perhaps a feeling of heaviness and burning sensation in the legs;
  • At 34 weeks, swelling becomes noticeable not only on the legs, but also on the hands, face;
  • At week 35, weight continues to gain weight, swelling spreads throughout the body, symptoms of stagnation of blood build up;
  • At 36 weeks the swelling is total, it becomes difficult to move around. The skin is stretched, becomes tense. However, by the morning the condition is improving;
  • If at the 37th week of pregnancy, edema does not pass by morning, it is necessary to tell the doctor about it;
  • On the 38th week of bearing the child swelling occursin all women. It is important to monitor blood pressure. If there is a severe headache, dizziness, vomiting - you should immediately consult a doctor to prevent the development of pre-eclampsia;
  • At week 39, swelling can occur throughout the body, small cramps, the appearance of pain in the legs and lower back.

Usually, after delivery, swelling subsides, the water-salt balance comes back to normal within a few days.

It is very important not to allow such a complicationpregnancy, like dropsy, or gestosis. Diagnosis of this disease can be based on clinical symptoms: a significant increase in weight over 20 kg, total massive edema, increased blood pressure. At carrying out of laboratory researches in urine the protein is found out. This condition requires mandatory hospitalization, since there is a real threat to life, both the fetus and the mother.

Primary swelling of the right or left leg whenpregnancy is observed mainly with varicose veins of the lower extremities. The weak valve system of the affected veins does not cope with the function of moving the venous blood, so the blood stagnates, and the fluid passes into nearby tissues, causing swelling.

The main accumulation of fluid occurs in the leg in which the lesion of the venous vessels is more pronounced.

Treatment of leg swelling during pregnancy

The main fundamental factor of successfultreatment and prevention of leg edema during pregnancy is compliance with diet and drinking regimen. The diet supposes the refusal of sweet, salty, smoked products and spicy condiments. The advantage is given to sour-milk products, vegetables and fruits. It is recommended to take vitamin complexes to strengthen the walls of blood vessels.

Liquids should be consumed up to 2 liters per day, but not less than 1 liter; it is better not to have tea or coffee, but ordinary still water or freshly squeezed juices.

With particularly pronounced edema, the administration of diuretics is prescribed. They are prescribed only by a doctor, blood pressure is always monitored during admission.

You can use infusions of herbs, such as fieldhorsetail, cranberry leaves or currants, dry root of parsley or nettle, cumin. Useful for swelling of the legs is also pumpkin or birch juice, cranberry juice, fruits of viburnum, celery juice.

Significantly activate the trophic tissue, contribute to improving the overall state of yoga or special gymnastics for pregnant women.

It is recommended to rest more. During rest, it is better to provide the legs with an elevated position with a roller or a cushion: so the blood will easier to pass through the vessels, not stagnating in the limbs.

When any symptoms of swelling occurpregnancy should be reported to the doctor. Timely diagnosis will avoid such serious complications as late toxicosis (gestosis) and eclampsia of pregnant women. Follow the advice of your doctor, lead a healthy lifestyle, adhere to the principles of proper nutrition, and swelling of the feet during pregnancy will not give you much discomfort.