Foot swelling in the morning causes

Eye swelling is a symptom that shows that inan organism there are disturbances of any processes. The phenomenon may be caused by fluid retention, overexertion of the eyes after a long work at the computer and other complications. Causes of eye swelling in the morning can be different. Among them we can distinguish the most common:

If a person did not get enough sleep at night and could notrelax, in the eye area can accumulate a copious amount of moisture. As a result, the volume of adipose tissue increases, and in the morning you can find the appearance of swelling. In this case, it is necessary to establish a sleep regime in order to eliminate the unpleasant consequences.

Sodium chloride complicates the process of moisture release inbody, so water accumulates in fatty tissues (including in the eye area). Frequent use of foods flavored with spices and salt can cause swelling. Correctly compiled diet will help to solve the problem.

Women need to use cautioncosmetic products, as they can become irritants and cause eye swelling. If a symptom has appeared after applying a cream or other substance, you should consult an oculist or dermatologist. Do not re-use the product that caused the allergy.

- hereditary predisposition;
- diseases related to the kidneys;
- changes in the hormonal background;
- bad habits (alcohol intake, smoking);
- excess ultraviolet.

The exact cause of the symptom should be consulted by a doctor. He will prescribe the treatment and will conduct an examination, which will reveal violations in the body, because of which there was swelling.